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The Humorous Video Contest, also referred to as ROBLOX 1st International Humorous Video Contest, was ROBLOX's first official video contest that started on July 13th, 2007 and ended on July 22nd, 2007 (with the results following close on the 25th). It was planned by ROBLOX staff clockwork, David.Baszucki, and former ROBLOX administrator stoecker.[1] The goal was to create an appropriate, unoffensive, humorous ROBLOX video that was comprised of –mostly– ROBLOX in-game play footage.[1]


This contest was one of the only official ROBLOX contests in which players, albeit limited to those who applied and were approved, could judge the submissions. Judging took place on the 23rd and 24th of July 2007. [2] Judges were supposed to choose their top 3 picks- not in a specific order. [2]

The judges of this contest were[2]:

  • kjj86
  • ninetailfox
  • jasmine345
  • Jeffrey
  • kingcake
  • MrDoomBringer
  • Poker_Man29
  • darksword824
  • Roboman24
  • PcWiener
  • Myers44
  • haloguy
  • kirby12
  • 90900
  • fireguy650
  • NintendoZACHERY
  • TheShadow

Winners & Rewards

The contest had 3 winners with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with the 1st place winner receiving a custom hat created by clockwork (and co-designed by JJx5[3]) and ROBUX1,000 while the 2nd place winner ROBUX500 and the 3rd place winner receiving ROBUX250.[3]

The 1st place winner was JJ5x5 with this his "Roblox- gone crazy" video, which was also the example video for the contest.[1] JJ5x5's video is the sole surviving winner of the contest as the other videos can no longer be accessed.
Roblox - gone crazy01:26

Roblox - gone crazy

The 2nd place winner was NintendoBoy with his "Roblox Randomness" video, which is no longer accessible because of a terminated YouTube account.[4]

And lastly, the 3rd place winner was JustinP231 with his "When N00bs Fly" video, which has since been removed due to Harasment And Bullying.[5]


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