Iceman629 was a well known ROBLOXIAN during 2008 until 2011. His popularity started to die off in mid 2011 to early 2012 due to his heavy inactivity and lack of updates to his games. He is best known for creating the game Original Cops Vs. Robbers .



Iceman629 has been known to wear a Thaw robe, Vloxodrome Ranger Helmet and the Redonkulous. He accepted all friend requests back when he was active and had over a thousand friends. However, the October 2014 friends update nearly removed all his friends. He now has only 4.


Friends: 4

Forum Posts: 736

Place Visits: More than 4.1 million

Followers: More than 7,000


Iceman629 has created many, many games. However his most famous one is Original Cops vs Robbers.

  • Under Development
  • Cops vs Robbers 4
  • Iceman629 Labs
  • Teachers Vs. Students
  • Original Cops vs Robbers.
  • Cops Vs robbers 2
  • The Simplicity of Complexity
  • Closed
  • Night Tag!
  • Foggy Bay Boat Attack! *Updates*


There are all of the groups that Iceman629 owns or is part of. (He owns every group he is currently in)

  • The Mandalorian Squadron 
  • Iceman629 Official Fan club


  • Only the ones that weren't affected during the 2017 thumbnail update are included. You may click the photo to be directed to its respective place.