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is a series of 5 places made by Stickmasterluke. The places, when seen from the preview shot, shows things that look impossible to make, but if you play the game, it'll be clear to see how he created them. However, you cannot play any of the following games unless you are his friend.

Illusion I

The first illusion is a triangular shaped model, displayed to look like a cube frame. Visiting the place will reveal otherwise.

Illusion II

In the thumbnail of this place, three wheels can be seen. A stick connects to the other wheel. Impossibly, it shows the top wheel leaning on both of the wheels.

Illusion III

This illusion place was based off the Penrose Stairs, and shows a square staircase going up. Impossibly, it appears to continuously go up.

Illusion IV

This illusion displays triangles and one appears to be inside the other, although it really isn't.

Illusion V

An endless river illusion. From the cover picture, it appears to be unending.