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The In-Game Video Capture (or simply the Video Button) is a feature that was first released in December 2010 for Windows XP only. It was later released to Windows Vista and Windows 7 on February 28, 2011. It was released for Windows 8 a year later. It is a built-in video recorder.


  1. Press 'Esc' to access the Game Options (or click the 3 bars shown below). The Game Options are used to control a variety of things in your ROBLOX game such as the Graphics and Character controls. To find the 3 bars (if you're on mobile or don't want to press ESC) it is located at the top left corner of the topbar which is at the top of a roblox game.
  2. 3 bars

    3 bars.

    Select the Record button.
  3. Record or Screen

    now you can pick!

    After clicking the record button, a menu looking like this should pop up. You can select if you'd like to take a screenshot or record a video. If you record a video, you can also set in this menu the video settings.

Alternatively, players can press 'F12' to start and stop recording.

After you begin recording, the borders of your screen should be outlined in red.


  • Try to hold your camera steady when doing either of these
  • Don't go near too many players if you have an old computer, it can cause major frame rate issues
  • Turn your graphics down to prevent frame rate drops
  • To change resolution of the Video go to ROBLOX Studio >Tools>Settings >Game Options >Video Quality

The recording will not be the best.

NOTE: There is a chance that the audio will glitch. It will make a very loud static audio. If it does happen you can remove the audio.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Oftentimes, when uploading a video to YouTube, before or after a player starts recording, he/she would turn the camera towards the character's face or hold down the down arrow key so it would look like the character is looking at the viewer, and usually say something to the viewer.
  • Although some players commonly use this recorder, others use different video recorders, such as Screencast-O-Matic, Bandicam, or Fraps, to record in higher quality and so the player can narrate the video.
  • The ROBLOX Recorder can only record up to 14 minutes long, as some YouTubers have the limit to only upload videos that are 15 minutes long or less. Due to this, many players use other video recorders to be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • Some ROBLOX users use Dailymotion (a video company like YouTube) but this is not an option on the pause menu. If you use Dailymotion you may encounter some problems with recording.

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