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A player that has been kicked from a server.

An in-game ban is usually given to the affected user by an administrator/admin of the game or server. Therefore, this forces the affected player to exit the game, if not, cannot rejoin. There are few ways in-game administrators in places can ban players from entering, or remove players from the server. These can range from being kicked or being permanently banned from the game. However, players who are banned from a game may play other games, or re-enter (if the player is kicked or un-banned by the administrator). Also, players are typically only kicked or banned from a server using an admin script, but some games (Work at a Pizza Place) allow players to be kicked/banned by popular vote automatically.

Types of in-game bans

Commands (used by place administrators)

Administrators in games have the power to remove players from their servers (as well as affect other players). They can use these commands to remove players who do not follow game rules or affecting the environment of a server, or prevent the player from talking. Place moderators, on the other hand cannot ban players; on some admin scripts they may kick players. The bans only affect the player's access to the specific game. However, they can play any other game and use the Roblox website. In many cases, affected players will have to exit the Roblox Game Client, and are unable to play the game unless they rejoin the server. Players who get muted can still play, but cannot use the in-game chat until they are unmuted. When a player is banned or kicked from a game using a ban/kick command in the admin script, they will get disconnected and a red banner with a notice will appear on the screen.

Some admin scripts, like Kohl's Infinite base the ability for place administrators to kick/ban players by admin level.

In-game bans are not available without coding your own admin panel using the player:Kick() function or installing a 3rd party script from the toolbox. Although these may be useful, sometimes they can contain viruses, so user discretion is advised.

Type of Ban Effect On Player
Mute Players who get muted are effectively banned from the in-game chat. Affected players do not have the ability to chat, except through private messages sent by a place administrator or place moderator. The mute can be removed by a place administrator. This command is usually used to prevent the affected player(s) from spamming the chat, or trying to stop bad or innapropriate chat boxes.
Crash The player's game client will freeze and stop responding, as well as disconnect the player from the game. This forces the affected player to exit the ROBLOX Game Client, and they can resume gameplay on the server they were on by rejoining, provided the server is unlocked. There are multiple versions of this, such as the hard crash and GPU crash, which are found on some admin scripts, such as adonis.
Kidnap On some admin scripts, typing :kidnap () into chat or command bar will spawn an AI van and snatch the affected player, before it drives off the place. Once snatched, the affected player is muted and crashed. However, the player can rejoin if the server is unlocked and running. Similar to a crash, the Game Client will stop responding and must be closed. It leads to a game called "I can't see the bottom", which is inspired by an SCP game.
Kick This removes the affected player from the game and disconnects him/her from the game. The player can return to the server if the server is unlocked. Kicks are often used as a consequence to breaking an in-game rule, or disrupting others. There are games (Frappe V4) that can auto-kick if a person breaks the rules. However, the kicked player can rejoin the same server and may start breaking the place rules again.
Ban Players who are issued a ban have most likely been going too far on breaking rules. They also are disconnected from the respective server and cannot rejoin the server, as their player ID would be prevented from entering the server. However, they may be able to join another server to resume playing (if multiple servers are running), even though it depends on the specific game(s). This command is normally used to remove a player if they are disrupting the game environment or other players.

Some games may have a timed ban- you may have to wait for a period of time until you can rejoin. Other times, you may rejoin when the server is shutdown.

Permanent Ban This ban is usually reserved for players who are going way too far, seriously disrupting the game environment, or have severely violated game or group regulations (in group-owned places). Only place owners and players with the highest level of place admin can issue this ban on the affected player. Players who are issued this ban cannot rejoin the place until an administrator lifts the ban.

Other ways players can be removed from places

  • Affected players are kicked or crashed from a server, which is locked before they can rejoin (and only one server is available).
  • Players are kicked or crashed, afterwards the server is shut down and/or the place is made inactive by the place owner before the player can reconnect to the game.
  • Sometimes, players have to be in a group to enter a place and will be barred entry if they aren't in the group.
  • Prior to the removal of guests, some games had filters to prevent guests from entering, (Super Nostalagia Zone) even though filters like these were in violation of the ROBLOX Terms of Service.
  • If you have any warnings, bans, or terminations taken on your account while you are in a place, you get removed or disconnected by ROBLOX staff immediatly, when reloaded, shows the moderation.
  • If you lose your Internet connection while in-game, you will be removed automatically from the game as your game client stops receiving data. Make sure to check your Internet connection before you rejoin.
  • Some games also have auto ban and can automatically remove players who are caught exploiting it or using exploits/glitches in-game. (Frappe)

Did you know?

  • Some places "ban" players by using permission levels (the player is not in the owner's friend list and the place is "friends only").
  • Roblox staff cannot ban you from a place, but they are able to disconnect entire servers. In these cases, you may see "This game has shut down" or "You have been disconnected from the game" on a red banner.
  • Place owners may also disconnect entire servers by making the place inactive, or by shutting down a server from the website while people are inside the place. This would result in players being disconnected and seeing "This game has shut down" on their Game Client screen. Furthermore, with an admin script, a place admin can shut down a place within the game (a red banner with a notice will appear) and disconnect the entire server.
  • Roblox staff can also prevent players from entering a place, by putting it Under Review if it violates Terms of Service, even if the place is inactive. The place cannot be opened by the owner until the place is deemed appropriate for Roblox.
  • Scammers can be auto-banned if there's an anti-scam script added (when scammers say "FREE ROBUX" then the scammer will be automatically muted forever and punished).

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