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The Infected virus is a Roblox virus script which changes the name of every object in a place to "Infected". It is distributed by hooking itself onto ROBLOX models which can then be uploaded to ROBLOX and taken by other ROBLOX users. Infections sometimes have names that mock the creator of the place, such as "OH SNAP, YOU JUST GOT INFECTED XD XD" or "Good luck getting rid of this".

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the same as exploiting, which is using data changing services to modify the computer's random-access memory to return incorrect values to the computer's central processing unit, which is then read by the ROBLOX Client and sent to the servers, causing exploits such as speed hacking by modifying the values for WalkSpeed, or because of ROBLOX's very minuscule use of sanity checks, allow for the deletion of parts in a game, or otherwise cause havoc to the server. Exploiting is generally prevented by using FilteringEnabled, which separates the instance between the client and the server completely. However viruses are not affected by FilteringEnabled as the virus scripts are run entirely on the server, not a single client.

What it does

The normal Infected virus renames all objects in the game it is in to "Infected" and at the same time also clones itself into the renamed objects, causing the game to encounter optimization and speed issues. However there are many different variations of the script that do different things instead of renaming such as adding disabled Fire objects or coloring them different colors, or even destroying Instances from the DataModel.

As Roblox viruses are simply scripts that do malicious actions in the game, a virus in Roblox can not infect a computer or a mobile device.


The effect of this virus may not appear to have a negative effect on a place due to the fact that its only apparent effect is renaming all items within a place, therefore not appearing to have any real effect. In practice the renaming of objects causes a lot more damage than one would usually expect. Scripts tend to rely on specific names of objects in order to find a certain object, however the Infected script blocks this functionality by changing the name of an object so that it cannot be found as specified by the script. Depending on the functions used early on in the script, the script will return an error and break due to accessing an Instance that does not exist, or will wait indefinitely for an object that will never be found because it is named differently from what it expects. For example, a script (for reference we'll call it NameScript) may contain a path leading to an object named "Bob" which is located in the Workspace, however if the Infected script is within the place, that specific object will be renamed "Infected" and as such will no longer allow the NameScript to function.

Anti-virus scripts

In order to combat the Infected Virus, many players have taken it upon themselves to create scripts that combat the Infected virus; however the majority of these scripts search for viruses based on name and as such can be generally considered useless, as the Infected virus can be named many different things. Other anti-virus scripts search for viruses based on script code, however these can backfire sometimes and end up deleting scripts that are not actually Infected viruses.

Variations on Infected scripts are commonly made, and as such the ROBLOX community has decided that two criteria are to be filled by a script in order for that script to be considered an Infected Virus.

  • The script must perform a repetitive action, i.e. renaming all objects within the game, coloring all objects in a game, playing noises excessively (such as dog barks, cat meows, or cow moos), inserting decals into a place and applying them to bricks within a place, etc. This action may be repeated until the script crashes the server.
  • The script must continually clone itself into other objects.

Source rumors


A sizeable amount of players on ROBLOX believe that Dued1, the creator of Work At a Pizza Place, was the actual creator of the initial infected script, due to his name appearing several times while an infected script is running, however it is more likely he was framed.