Innovation Inc is a popular sci-fi building group owned by madattak consisting of over 217,000 members (as of February 6th, 2018) and a side-group of over 32,000 members, making it the largest building and/or science-focused group on ROBLOX, and the 18th largest ROBLOX group.

Its very popular game, Innovation Research Labs, has increased the group's recognition within the ROBLOX community. The first Bloxcast, the Dynamic Lighting Showcase, and numerous blog posts have featured Innovation Inc, and Innovation Labs were also featured as part of the 2014 'Return of the Badger Badger Gift' badge hunt. It was also featured as one of the 3 games to be included in the Jurassic World Scavenger Hunt.



  • Jurassic World Event
    Capture innovation

    Innovation in 2013



This is the first rank when you join the group. Only Builders Level 1 and higher can post on the group wall, in order to reduce spams.

Builder L1 - Beginner

This is the first builder level of the group. This is for the first building rank on the group; this rank and onwards can post on the wall.


☀ Can use some detail in models and buildings. Some effort has been put in, and shows the user has spent time learning how to build. Has some basic building techniques, does not have welds and inlets etc. showing on their work unless clearly intended for effect.

Builder L2 - Intermediate

This is the next level of the group. They are a little better at building.


☀ Models show skill, and the creator has clearly had some experience with building. Should be of good detail.

Builder L3 - Advanced

This is the third level of builders in this group. These people are good at building and making creations.


☀ All of grade 1 + 2 as well as advanced techniques such as CFrame, higher detail, and larger builds. Shows lots of effort and practice.

Builder L4 - Experienced

This is the second highest building level. These people are very good at building things and they help build the Innovation HQ.


☀ All of grade 1+2+3 as well as high level CFrame, and high detail. Very far above average.

Builder L5 - Expert

This is the highest building rank in the group. This rank has people that are elites at building. Some of them like H3BO3 and FrozenTheFlux created groups of their own about building.


☀ Only the very best in ROBLOX get this grade.

Researcher L1

This is the first high rank of the group. They are level three builders, but have scripting knowledge.


☀ at least L3 building and good scripting.

Researcher L2

This is the next high rank of the group. They are also level three builders, but have advanced scripting knowledge.


☀ Builder Level 3 requirements and with advanced scripting skills.

Researcher L3

This is highest level researcher rank of the group. They are also level three builders, but have extremely advanced scripting knowledge. This rank is usually reserved for professional ROBLOX developers.


☀ Builder Level 3 requirements and with very high level scripting skills.


Main promoters for the group, handpicked by madattak.

Business Manager

This is hand picked by madattak, and serve as HRs.

Vice Chairman

This is the second highest rank. It is for the co-owner of the group, which is Rolijok.


This is the highest rank. It is for the owner of the group, which is madattak.

Current Sub-Groups

Innovation Security

  • A sub-group in charge of maintenance and security of Innovation facilities.
  • You need to have at least one part of the uniform and be a member of Innovation Inc. After conditions have been completed, the user is able to join.
  • To join ask a Recruitment Officer or hit join and wait up to 2 days. The rank can be found on the Security group page.

Innovation Intelligence Agency

  • The Innovation Intelligence Agency (IIA) is an agency for players who are highly devoted to Innovation Security. You have to be invited or recruited into this sub-group and you cannot ask to join.

Innovation Executives

  • Innovation Executives are the high ranks of Innovation Inc. and/or Innovation Security.
  • Only high ranks are allowed to join this sub-group and you cannot ask to join.


Innovation Labs

  • A high-tech research facility housing several testing laboratories.
  • A large section of the facility is based on the Anomalous Materials and Questionable Ethics levels of the Black Mesa Research Facility from Half Life 1.\
  • Innovation Labs had a Halloween 2015 event called "Zombocalypse". There was notable changes including a new halloween version of the logo; the labs were redone for halloween and the core meltdown was completely redone.
  • The game was used for ROBLOX's Jurassic Park event. The dino bones were hidden on tables in laboratory rooms in the Jurassic Research Facility, accessible from Sector C Genetics.
  • At high temperatures, the reactor becomes unstable and causes a series of chaotic events.

Innovation Headquarters

  • A cylindrical building built into the side of a mountain near Innovation Labs.
  • Contains a space laser on its roof that causes controversy upon learning it is aimed at the Pinewood Space Station .
  • Currently inactive, as a new headquarters is said to be under construction.

Innovation Hub

  • A hub that transports players between facilities via a tram passing through various areas.
  • The tram is based on the one in Half Life 1.
  • In addition, the track going from the station to the Innovation Labs station is based on the intro sequence of Half Life 1.

Innovation Experimental Test Site

  • A vast landmass where hovercrafts are currently being tested at.

Innovation Security Training Facility 3.0

  • A private facility where Innovation Security hosts its weekly trainings through parkour, rail guns, sword fights, etc.

Innovation Security Headquarters

  • A military complex used by Innovation Security as their headquarters.
  • Raiders can attempt to raid the facility as Security tries to stop them.
  • The complex is based on the exterior of the Black Mesa Research Facility in Half Life 1.

Innovation Arctic Facility

  • A research outpost under construction in the Arctic Circle.
  • Based on previews, it is shown to have an airbase on the surface level.
  • Released on 26/09/2017.
  • Guns are open to all, but stronger ones are restricted to Security only.

Innovation Spaceship

  • A large space cruiser in the distant future, far from contact with the rest of the Innovation facilities on Earth.
  • One of the first fan-made games to become an official Innovation game.


  • Innovation Inc. was created before Pinewood Builders, surprisingly. This can be proven by looking at the group IDs. Innovation Inc.'s ID is lower than Pinewood Builders'.

    • Take note that Pinewood Builders was said to have been founded in 2008 before the Groups feature was implemented. Pinewood was also moved from its former group known as "Pinewood Builders Labs," which was created before Innovation.
    • Diddleshot and madattak confirm that madattak used to be in Pinewood, but left to focus on Innovation.