The current inventory.


The inventory from 2013-2015.

Inventory (previously known as Stuff when changing the name in 2012) is a feature that allows a player to keep their stuff when buying something from the catalog. The player can hold up as many items as the player wanted.

The inventory from 2007-2013.

The inventory contains:

An inventory keeps your stuff secured, which nobody but the player can modify the inventory.

Sorting through the pages and pages

If you've been around for half the time that I've been on Roblox, then you probably have a giant pile of stuff like I do. Digging through this pile is actually pretty simple.

Inventory Sorting 2016
About this image

The display for sorting through items on the side of the inventory page.

To look through a specific category of stuff, all you have to do is click on the type on the sidebar on the left.


If you have more than 24 of something you can browse more items by viewing the next page. Right above the Recommendations box is a page marker. Press Next to see more items

Creating Items

T-Shirts and Decals can be made by free users, Shirts and Pants can be created by BC users. If you want to make one of these items click the 'Create' button when you have the category selected.


Roblox will show you items that it thinks you might like to see or use, such as hats or decals. This gives you an idea of what other things are out there. Take a look, there could be something cool.

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