On Roblox Builder's Club members have the ability to buy and sell Hats. Hats that can be sold are known as Limited's and Limited U's. Many users of Roblox use these hats as a secondary form of currency. In this guide you will learn how to buy and sell these Limited items in a way that your money will work for you, and multiply.

Limited's vs Limited U's

In this guide you will hear about two different kinds of Limited's. Limited's and Limited U's. What is the difference?

Limited's are put on sale for a certain amount of time by Roblox, then when that period of time is up, they are able to be sold by private sellers.

When Limited U's are put on sale, only a certain number of them are sold, (i.e 5 Faerie Wings). When the number of them that were put on sale are sold, private sellers can sell their instance of the Limited U at whatever price they choose. Note: Each Limited U has a number. Some buyers wish to buy all the Limited's of a certain number (i.e I want every Limited U with the number 13). When you look at the private sales it will list the serial that each seller is selling.

Knowing Which Limited's to Buy

Certain Limited's/Limited U's aren't as popular as others. When buying a Limited you want to make sure that it is an item that's price will increase so you can generate revenue. There is no sure-fire way to know if a Limited will be popular but here are some items that usually go popular:

  • Any item from a series (i.e Korblox).
  • Any holiday items (i.e Thanksgiving Turkey Hat).
  • Items that look cool. If you think it looks cool, chances are a lot of others think so too

Reading the Average Sales Graph

Every Limited U item has an Avg. Sales Price graph. The graph shows how the prices of items have been affected over a long amount of time.


As you can see from the red lines. The graph shows the circled items price at a certain date. If the graph shows the line going down or flat-lining on the right side. That means recently the price has not been changed or has declined. These items are not smart to buy because chances are people have lost interest in them.

On the other hand, if the green line is gradually going up. That doesn't always mean it's smart to buy either. If the price has been increasing greatly and it is at a ridiculously high price. Then chances are it will be bought less and the price will begin to drop. You must think would I buy this item at this price? Usually the buyers are thinking the same thing. If the answer is no, don't get the item because it will most likely drop in price and you will lose money.

Deciding a Price to Sell an Item at

More then often I have seen people sell an item and get a lower price then they originally bought it for. There are a few ways that, that ends up happening.

  • Someone sells it and forgets about the 30% Roblox tax and ends up getting less than they paid for it</li>
  • Someone wants to sell it quick so they make their price the lowest and end up making it lower than the original price.</li>

Remember the above listed things make you lose money.

When deciding a price you have to thing about these things.

  • If the price is too high nobody will see it Roblox lists the lowest prices first</li>
  • If I put the price too high it won't be sold</li>
  • If the item is popular, the low priced items will be bought fast and then the RAP will be higher (i.e Items are priced at 100, 230, and 400. If the item is popular, the 100R item will be bought fast then the lowest price will be 230R)</li>


This guide is for beginner's getting started. If you are interested in investing check out the Let's Make a Deal Forum and John Shedletsky's article on trading

I hope you enjoyed this guide and it inspires you to increase your assets and learn some Economics along the way!

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