The following is a group which was shut down.

John's Cobras, commonly referred to as JC, was a well-known military group on ROBLOX founded by pspjohn1. Although very popular, they were not the most liked clan on ROBLOX and have been ridiculed by names invented by various ROBLOXians (i.e. garden snakes). Despite their controversy, they were considered a very important clan whose history shaped modern ROBLOXian clans. John's Cobras was the eighth largest group on ROBLOX overall. At its peak in 2013, the clan had over 61,000 members.

AtomicRXN announced the group's closure in July 2017 via forum post. Almost all group members were wiped, and the group became dedicated as a memorial group. In the forum post, he also announced the creation of a new group that followed the principles of John's Cobras: Atlas Revolutionaries.

One of many reasons for Johns Cobras' popularity was the collaboration with pspjohn1's place, Battle over the Bridge. Increasing visits to Fort Fang, JC's official fort, assisted the group to rely less on pspjohn's place for new members.


Low Ranks


This rank were like a pending rank for members waiting to be approved. Anyone found being an enemy or an alt were exiled from the group. Others passed to the next rank, Private.


A rank not located within an officer rank, these players wore the black private uniform. These members constituted the majority of the members within John's Cobras. In order to become a private within John's Cobras, members had to prove themselves worthy of any sort of reward. 


The 3rd rank within JC, This rank served as a title for those who have worked their way up to it. To become a Specialist within JC, a player had to perform well in a training with leadership or combat or participate in a successful raid or defense. 


Corporals were treated like Privates and Specialists but they were slightly more skilled and mature. Members in this rank were expected to be loyal to the group. In order to become a Corporal, players had to do well in a training or participate in a successful raid or defense.

Middle Ranks


Sergeants were players that showed the high-ranking members of John's Cobras that they have potential to move through the ranks. They were expected to start taking a more active role within the group as well as the responsibilities previously mentioned. In order to become a Sergeant, players had to do well in a training or participate in a successful raid or defense. 

Warrant Officer

One of the first middle ranking positions within the group, Warrant Officers were expected to have perfected or at least greatly improved the skills previously listed, In addition, they were also expected to begin to work on leadership skills. Senior Sergeants were expected to pay great respect to their superiors, as well as serve as an example to those ranking lower than them. In order to become a Warrant Officer, players had to do well in a training, raid, or defense, as well as show leadership qualities. 


Lieutenants were expected to be extremely active within John's Cobras. They were also permitted to lead raids and defenses when a higher-ranking member was not present, or lead a small squadron during a defense or raid with a higher-ranking official present. They were also permitted to serve as assistants during trainings. In order to become a Lieutenant, players had to be active in John's Cobras for at least two weeks. They must do well in a training, raid, or defense, as well as show leadership qualities. 


Captains were high ranks in training. They supervised the activities of their inferiors as well as serve as apprentices to their superiors. They assumed all of the tasks previously mentioned. In addition, Captains were expected to join the Officer Corps in order to be promoted to higher positions within John's Cobras. In order to become a Captain, players must do well in a training or participate in a successful raid or defense. This is the last rank within the group where these requirements were valid grounds for a promotion.

Special ranks


Diplomats were allied clan leaders or high ranks with shout powers.

Combat Engineer

These were the developers within JC. This rank was only offered to those working on JC places.

High Ranks


The position of Major was the first high ranking position within the group. These players were given the authority to administer a training, and were expected to conduct them often. In order to become a Major, players must be trained and approved by a Trainer within the Officer Corps division.

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonels were members that are expected to be highly active within the group; they were expected to be successful in raids as well as plan and carry out defenses at Fort Fang II. Players could only become a Lieutenant Colonel in John's Cobras by being proven worthy through RCL skills and by ability to train members.


Senior Colonels were members that were also expected to be highly active within the group; they were expected to be very successful in raids as well as plan and carry out strong defenses at Fort Fang. Players that were given this rank, were the best: nothing more, nothing less.

Revolutionary Council

This rank served as the ringleaders of getting JC back from the clutches of "Emperor" SteffJonez, This rank was exclusive for those who contributed the most effort in returning JC to AtomicRXN.


Generals were well respected members within John's Cobras. They must carry out the tasks of the previous high ranking positions and were expected to participate in group meetings and help to make big group decisions. Inferiors were encouraged to go to Generals for assistance when needed. In order to become a General, players must be selected by a member of a higher rank, as well as be approved by the Commander in Chief. Players must have been active within the group for at least four months in order to achieve this position. The Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief reserved the right to remove any and all Generals if they deem them unfit for their position within the Empire. High standards were expected of the leaders of John's Cobras, and severe consequences followed if they fail to complete their duties.

Field Marshal

The task of a Field Marshal was to oversee and manage the clan along with the Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief. The Field Marshals were also involved with managing departments within JC such as Internal and External Issues.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff served as the Second in Command of John's Cobras, The last Chief of Staff was assassin_lord.

Commander in Chief

The Commander in Chief was the leader of John's Cobras, He is the face of JC. The last Commander in Chief was AtomicRXN


These divisions are either led by pspjohn/Exterity, or one of them is in these groups, thus making them official.

John's Cobras The Imperial Guard

This is the personal squadron of pspjohn1. They are called in for very special operations. They
are expected to assist in combat when the battle is not in favor with JC. There are three regiments within The Imperial Guard, which are the First Regiment (achieved through winning the most raids, it is also the best regiment and the spear head of an invasion, these are the best at everything, thus christened the "Fist of the Emperor", commonly referred to within the Guard as FoTE), the Second Regiment (beating the third regiment in sword combat, obbies and more, given the title/badge of "Spartans"), and the Third Regiment (most of this regiment specializes at homeland defense) .They are trained far more than the average soldier in the main division, and are expected to serve as role models combat wise to the soldiers of the main division. In order to gain admission into this division, members must show extreme maturity and loyalty to the group, as well as pass through the Imperial Guard tryouts (to pass, you must beat all the obstacles without falling or dying, be extremely good and both sword fighting and gun fighting, and have excellent grammar). They are expected to be extremely active as well. 

John's Cobras Death Korps

These members are the personal squadron of the Punishers of John's Cobras. The Death Korps division is led by mike18001. They monitor John's Cobras to prevent it from falling into corruption. It is the Korp Commander's Job to prevent the group from falling apart.

Notable Wars

War with the UP Alliance (The Revolution)

John's Cobras once fought in some wars against some of the most well-known super clans on ROBLOX including the Roblox Assault Team, F.E.A.R., Vortex Security, The Robloxian Army, and most of the members of the currently disbanded UP alliance due to many of the JC members promoting cyber bullying, hacking or exploiting. They are also sanctioned through an embargo. The UP alliance declared victory against JC and at the same time, JC declared victory on the UP Alliance, even though by supposed evidence shown by the UP Alliance that more battles were declared as victories by the UP Alliance than John's Cobras. However, it was very impressive considering how such a small clan (in comparison) is almost equally matched to the UP alliance which has many groups measuring by the thousands of members in it (375,000+ roughly). This war was also known as The John's Cobras Revolution. Members of the group simply call the war The Revolution.

War with the Grand Superclan Coalition (GSC)

In December 2012, a second war between John's Cobras and long time rival The Roblox Assault Team broke out. Allies began entering the war on  both sides. The clans on the side of John's Cobras are in an alliance known as the United Nations (UN). The alliance has approximately 180,000 members fighting. The Grand Superclan Coalition had around 500,000 members combined. Pspjohn1 and John's Cobras was the founder of the United Nations. Team Domino is also a notable member of the UN. On New Year's Day, the Grand Superclan Coalition launched a full-scale invasion on John's Cobras, bombarding many servers. Playing on Pspjohn1's rules, if the GSC conquered 30 servers, they would win the war. Like a lot of Roblox wars, both sides claimed victory. The GSC claimed that they got well over the sufficient amount of wins, whereas the UN claimed that the wins were edited and therefore void. Both sides used heavy propaganda in order to make players sympathize with either side (though most C&Gers believe the GSC won). 

On January of 2014, a ragtag team of GSC soldiers bombarded six servers at Fang, in order to re-enact their mass invasion last year on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, before the entire conflict could play out, all of the servers were hacked by neutral exploiters. Many JC believe that they would have won the battles as four of the six servers were already won by JC forces when the exploiters attacked. 


  • Pspjohn1- Leader and founder of John's Cobras
  • Jlcompton89- Hacked pspjohn to get leadership.
  • SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX- Bought the group from Jlcompton89
  • dudiebum10- The only leader who was appointed by John, who then returned the group upon being asked. Unlike any other leader, he was voted in by the people, congress at the time like dudiebum10, and therefore voted him into power, whereas all other leaders were disliked. This is a possible reason for his success.
    Green Jackets Patch

    The old Green Jackets logo

    Epicrules- Betrayed pspjohn1, and made a forum post as the leader saying that JC lost to RAT and other superclans. John exiled him after getting the group back and removed his division.
  • Steff2k8- Pspjohn1 gave him the group for a week or so because he was studying for college exams. Steff then stole JC after giving Corporals exile powers, 2,000 members were exiled. Then Steff stole JC and didn't return it for a couple days. Skype messages were leaked, and dudiebum10 had convinced steff to give JC back to John. Dudiebum10 never took credit.
  • Blast87- Led a two-week period lead as Supreme Commander because pspjohn1's mother had gotten a terrible cold. Quickly became a hot dispute due to lack of leadership and an absence of presence on ROBLOX.
  • Thepiewarrior- Led for a month as Supreme Commander for pspjohn1 had to leave for exams. He was the first Supreme Commander, following him was General x1pro. He has since quit ROBLOX.
  • Bunnaz- Led for an extended period of time, loved by all and hated by few, known as a great tactician and a fantastic leader (although a huge troll). Bunnaz and pspjohn1 did not get along well due to internal conflicts, and as such, Bunnaz resigned to pursuit new eras.
  • SteffJonez- Formerly known as Steff2k8, He was the former owner of JC. Steff was disliked by many ROBLOXians, which caused the group's downfall while also being perceived as using JC as a "cash cow". Steff has owned JC since buying it off of Pspjohn1 on January 9th, 2015. Later, he sold the group to EmperorRyzoft from Green Gods during UAF's war with JC.
  • WarResurrection- Due to the lack of leadership from Emperor SteffJonez, WarResurrection was the current Supreme Commander of JC in his time, He has the support of numerous veterans, who in turn have come to assist him.
  • EmperorRyzoft- Managed to buy the group from SteffJonez. A couple days later, he gave JC to AtomicRXN, who was originally supposed to be the leader after pspjohn1.
  • AtomicRXN- He was originally supposed to lead the group after pspjohn1's resignation, but the group was bought by SteffJonez. Feeling betrayed, he left the group after. However, after war broke out between JC and UAF, Atomic as well as several other JC veterans that hated SteffJonez (known as The BrotherHood) supported UAF in their war. When EmperorRyzoft bought the group, within a couple days, it was returned to AtomicRXN.


Fort Viper

Fort Viper

Fort Viper

JC's back up fort for a small time. This fort was made by Blast87. It included refresh wall, shops, and tech. It was removed for unknown reasons but remains as a great fort showing the future of JC

Fort Fang

Main Article: Fort Fang


Fort Fang

JC's main base, Fort Fang

JC's most popular base and the headquarters for the group, the large annual amount of visitors is the main factor of the growth of John's Cobras. The base currently has over 1.4 million place visits, and over 18,522 favorites. Fort Fang is an easily defendable fort for members due to the fact that JC members have group only doors in the surrounding walls, however in a lot of servers, raiders are winning raids due to the  JC members  being overrun by raiders. It is located within a city, with Raiders and JC spawning on the opposite sides of the map. Raiders must get into the base and capture the flag for 1800 seconds to win a raid. The fort contains a recruitment center, multiple armories, offices, a meeting hall, a rally point, a jail, a small hangout point near the rally point and a flag room. Players earn credits in the game much like Vortex Security's Fort Vulcan . These credits are used to purchase weaponry. Recently, JC Field Marshals have added new guns and are speaking of redesigning, or making a new Fort Fang to re-earn JC's credibility as an up-to-date clan in the latest scripting and technologies.
Fort Fang Promotional Video00:29

Fort Fang Promotional Video

Recruitment Center

JC Recruitment Center

The old John's Cobras Recruitment Center

The John's Cobras Recruitment Center was the first base for the group. Despite the fact that the base is no longer in use, it is still one of the most famous bases within John's Cobras. The base was created sometime in early 2010 when Pspjohn1 had created the group. Its use within the group was discontinued when Fort Fang was completed. The popularity of the Recruitment

Center helped John's Cobras to gain over 10,000 members, thus making it a super-clan. It also aided the group in hitting the front page of groups before John's account was hacked.

The fort itself, as well as the surrounding dirt walls, are set up like a maze. The base also contains many bunkers where players can shoot other players while being protected. All players spawn at the back of the map. Once players arrive at the entrance, they must pass through two different code gates in order to gain access to the base. Past the two gates is a large courtyard that contains weapon vehicles. Several rooms that are connected to the main courtyard include a movie theater, a bunker, a jail, an armory, a Senior Officers Office, and a room that leads to a ladder that gives players access to the wall. The rest of the fortress contains various bunkers and armories. The base is also dotted with propaganda in favor of John's Cobras.

Weaponry and Vehicles


For a long period of time, John's Cobras was considered to be one of the least up-to-date groups when it came to base and gun technology. Recently, several guns have been put into Beta and are currently being used at all bases in order to "catch up" with the rest of the clan world's tech. Currently, none of them have reloading animations.

JC FiveSeven

A JC FiveSeven pistol.

  • FiveSeven Pistol 

The FiveSeven Pistol is a relatively accurate, close combat pistol containing a total of fifteen loaded bullets shots per clip. It deals 20 damage per shot, regardless where one is shot. It automatically reloads when the next shot is fired, following the emptying of the gun clip. It is comparable to a hybrid Uzi (a semi-automatic assault pistol that was used prior to the technological reforms) and JC standardized pistol (also used prior to technological reforms).

  • M16
JC Second Generation M16

A Second Generation version of the John's Cobras M16 Primary Assault Rifle.

The M16 is kept as the primary of John's Cobras soldiers mainly due to its involvement in forces related to Western countries such as Britain and the United States, which the vast majority of JC is composed of. It is the traditional JC gun, and has evolved throughout the years.

The First Generation JC M16 was like a "futuristic laser gun". It had no aim sight on top, but had the overall shape of the Second Generation JC M16. It had a cheesy reload/bullet count GUI on the left side of the screen, and made laser sounds as it fired. Later, the GUI was removed.

The Second Generation JC M16 had a decorative gun sight on the assault rifle's body, but had no reload GUI, except for a script which made the number of bullets in the M16 tool button change according to how many bullets were being fired.

The Third Generation JC M16 made by VirtualBytes/Michael613137 (which is currently being used at the official base, Fort Fang, and all valid training grounds) has been remarkably changed. 

JC Third Generation M16

A Third Generation JC M16, currently in use by the warclan.

The clip is no longer curved, the handle is more intricate, as well as the shoulder butt, there are less rings, the gun in general is far more detailed, but its functioning qualities (aside from the recently added reload sound animation) remain the same. It has 30 bullets per clip, deals 10 damage per shot, and still fires downgraded laserbeams, which have also been changed from traditional yellow to the color of whatever team is wielding the gun.


A JC GPR assault rifle.

  • GPR

There has been much controversy over whether this is a JC version of the renowned GPR gun in the popular warclan RCL sport, or if it's meant to become a futuristic alternative gun

for the JC M16, as it is completely similar in function to the primary weapon, if not a bit more accurate in long range combat.

  • Remmington

The Remmington is a close quarters combat rifle which deals 50 damage per shot. It has a clip of two bullets,

JC Remmington Rifle

A JC Remmington.

and takes a three second "cooldown" before it is able to fire again. There has been some controversy over whether this gun is a replacement for any particular weapon that was used previously, but it appears to be an entirely new creation, although somewhat unpopular among expert snipers within JC.

  • Rifle

The Rifle was an alternative long range gun for JC's elite snipers. Like t

he Remmington, it dealt a maximum of 50 damage per hit, but was more integrated for long range combat. With a

JC Rifle

A JC long range Rifle.

decorative scope and strikingly similar to the new JC sniper, it is considered the second most preferable and formidable weapon for sniper warfare or skyscraper-ground combat, which is often seen at Fort Fang.

The old version of the Rifle saw very little controversy, and was scarcely used by the newcomers - which preferred rapidfire guns such as M16, Uzi, and minigun; nor the older veterans, which preferred the sniper. The new Rifle has 8 bullets per clip, and is capable of what is considered long range weapon "rapid fire", with and an intervention of half a second between each shot, a remarkable difference in comparison to the Remmington and the old Rifle.

  • Sniper

There has been much controversy over the JC sniper. It was the foremost weapon for the Imperial Guard in the older versions of Fort Fang, often combined with the hugely overpowered Imperial Guard armor (which was removed from combat several months ago and is now only used for the Guard's ceremonial purposes), and has long since been the preferable primary of choice for older members who have developed sniper marksmanship over time.

JC Old Sniper

An old version of the JC Sniper.

The Old Sniper had a decorative scope and was painfully simple. It consisted of a grand total of six parts, and was not visually pleasing to any degree of the imagination. It had six bullets per clip, and had a cooldown of six seconds. A hit anywhere on the torso and up resulted in instant kill, while a shot at the legs resulted in 95 damage. The sniper also had a nauseating zoom effect that proved more counterproductive than effective in long range marksmanship. Though many were accustomed to using it, repeated encouragement from the whole of JC has resulted in its remodeling to an entirely new weapon of destruction.

JC Sniper

The new version of the JC Sniper.

The new JC sniper deals 80 damage per hit, regardless location. It is extremely accurate, and the zoom script has been removed. Each clip has a total of six bullets, and takes shorter time to reload. The cooldown has been shortened to three seconds between each shot. The main target of its recreation, according to developers, was to make it more visually pleasing, and to make its shooting more accurate/efficient.

  • MP5


The MP5 is a general close combat weapon that deals 10 damage per shot, and has a total of 25 rounds per clip. Not exactly, rapidfire, the gun has a standard fire rate of .25 second between each bullet. Even though it is generally integrated for close quarters situations, the MP5 is also accurate and extremely proficient from a relatively lengthy distance.

  • TMP

A JC TMP assault pistol.

The JC TMP is remarkably similar to the MP5. The only difference between the two weapons are that the MP5 deals 10 damage per round, and has a slightly faster fire rate than the MP5. Relatively, they are the same.

  • Minigun
A JC minigun

A JC minigun.

The JC Minigun is remarkably fast and powered for it's damage and speed. It is able to hold 150 rounds. The only bad side about the gun is it's reload it very long. This weapon is also priced the highest at 300.


A Roblox linked sword.

  • Sword

The sword is used by most Roblox clans and Roblox it's self. This weapon is about 3 studs tall. It is mainly used for close range attacks or sword fighting.

  • Air Vehicles

As of now, all air vehicles are broken due to Roblox updates and Cam glitches. The cause of the glitch and how to fix is unknown at the time.

Misc. Items

Healing items

Healing items, such as an apple help heal you. Some healing items are one use, some are multi-use.

  • Apple - A medkit in an apple mesh.
  • Cookie - Spammable, restores a small amount of health
  • Glass of water - Restores a large amount of health, multi-use.
  • Pizza - Spammable, restores a medium amount of health, but by rules, you are not allowed to spam it in combat.


John's Cobras is a controversial group and is much hated by other clans such as FEAR and VAK. This is largely due to the stereotype that many of its members have 'no skill' in virtual combat and the admin abuse by high ranks. Often the group is criticized because of its attitude of never admitting defeat despite being beaten in wars by several clans, or because of claiming itself as the most active group on ROBLOX.


  • For one week, JC turned into "The Red Army", a Russian Communist army. During this one week period, they made a deal with USA's previous group holder, Moolah60, to allow them to terrorize USA's capital, Washington DC. Many believe that this is the reason why USA was given back to the current owner, Nightgaladeld, by the ROBLOX admins.
  • A common nickname for JC is "Garden Snakes", mocking the skill of JC due to their name saying that they are "Cobras". 
  • Lilk2052 - Much controversy surrounded her both in JC and in the C&G community. She achieved Colonel/Brigadier within JC and was rather disliked by many High Ranks, but was considered a legend among the LRs. In early January, she sent a message to pspjohn1 reporting that she had colon cancer and would be dying very soon. Though many rumors and insults surrounded her, doubting her story, she was promoted to Field Marshal for a day and was honored at Fort Fang and multiple ceremonies conducted by the JC High Ranks.

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