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Kestrel is a corporation and claims the title of the largest and most prestigious clothing retailer on ROBLOX, and was founded on April 28, 2013 by Fighterace. The current owner and president of Kestrel is katiebae.

In May 2017, katiebae announced her retirement. A retirement party was held on May 20, 2017. The 4th President has not been decided on yet.

It is mainly governed by the President and the Vice President, and has a complicated and comprehensive system of operation. Its governing bodies are decided by impeachment and in a democrat manner.

Jobs and Ranks

Note: Some ranks left out

• Customer

Customer is the entry-level position at Kestrel. Kestrel customers are given the opportunity to interview for internships at Kestrel.

• Noted Customer

Noted Customer is a rank that is reserved for former presidents, corporate officers, board members, or staff coordinators.

• Intern

Interns are the first level of Kestrel jobs. Kestrel interns cover for Sales Associates at Customer Service when one is not available and help provide assistance to customers.

• Sales Associate

Sales Associates are responsible for showing and selling clothing to Kestrel customers at the store.

• Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are employees that are being groomed to manage the store and ensure that everything is in order. Assistant managers also help with customer service.

• Manager

Managers are responsible for helping ensure that the affairs at the store run smoothly. Managers gain experience that allows them to become good store supervisors later.

• Supervisor

Supervisors are in charge of supervising the affairs at the store and ensuring that all of customers are satisfied with their experience. The supervisor rank is a stepping stone to Staff Coordinator.

• Senior Manager

Senior Managers are one of the most coveted positions at Kestrel. Senior Managers take a test to ensure that they are the best of Kestrel employees and are fully prepared to be the leading managers of the store. Senior Managers are in charge of making sure that everything is in proper order and condition.

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