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The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2017 was the second Nickelodeon-themed event (first one was in 2016) which ran from February(?) to March 11, 2017. It took place in three games: Meep City, Blox Hunt and Fashion Frenzy.


These are the games in this event.

Name Image
Meep City
Meepcity Thumbnail 1.28.17
Blox Hunt
Blox Hunt
Fashion Frenzy
Fashion Frenzy Thumbnail


Prize Game Image Way to Get
Slime Crown Meep City
Slime Crown-0

Find 3 Slime Vials around the City.

(2 of them around the building and 1 in the star ball obby Slime world: level 6)

Slime Potion Blox Hunt
Slime Potion
Successfully hide as a Nickelodeon based object, or eliminate all Hiders as a Seeker in the Kids' Choice Awards Map.
Slime Scarf Fashion Frenzy
Slime Scarf-0
Win a Fashion Frenzy Round while wearing a Nickelodeon Clothing.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Slime Skateboard
Slime Skateboard
Slime Sunglasses
Slime Sunglasses
Slime Cape
Slime Cape


  • The Slime Potion gear is based on Spongebob's pineapple house.

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