Elemental War is a Game created by kinglime on August 12 2008. The game was last updated on November 19th 2014. The game's Description reads:

"Summon the power of the elements in order to defeat your foe."

The Game has no specific objective, The only Purpose of the Game is to Kill as much as you want. The Game's Max players is 18.

On 2014, The game became Uncopylocked


  • Human Elemental: Weapon's (Broken) Slingshot and Sniper Rifle
  • Acid Elemental: Weapon's (Broken) Acid Ball and Poison Sword
  • Cosmic Elemental: Weapon's (Broken) Meteor and Lunarbeam
  • Light Elemental: Weapon's (Slingshot Reskin) Slingshot and Solar Beam
  • Shadow Elemental: Weapon's Shadow Sword and Broken Visible and Invisible tool
  • Rock Elemental: Weapon's Boulder and (Upgraded Timebomb) Earthquake
  • Water Elemental: Weapon's (Slingshot Reskin) Water gun and Tidal Sword
  • Fire Elemental: Weapon's (Upgraded Timebomb) FireBomb
  • Plant Elemental: Weapon's Grass Beam and Vine sword
  • Thunder Elemental: Weapon's (Speed Boost and Grappling Hook) Electro and Lightning Bolt
  • Wind Elemental: Weapon's Unknown Tool and Windforce
  • Narwhal Elemental: Weapon's (Spear) Shishkabob and PolarbearPunchout
  • Animal Elemental: (Broken) Nature Ball and Claws

Special Elements

  • Chaos Elemental: Hammer, Chaos Claw, Visible, DarkHeart, Invisible, SmokeBomb.

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