Knights of RedCliff is a group led by Sorcus, an Administrator on ROBLOX. It is both a role-playing and a war group. It is also an official group of ROBLOX. Players are knights that defend Robloxia from evil. They defend with honour, and with pride, they protect the weak from the Korbloxian invasion. The group has a around 9 thousand members in it and only 6 members are in clan Knights of RedCliff is one of the few groups on ROBLOX that is active and owned by either an Administrator or a Moderator

The group

The group is famous due to the ever so popular, Sorcus, who lurks in the scripters forum. ROBLOX, who is in the group is also one of the Commanders. All the various Gears, Hats and Packages that have to do with RedCliff are all based off the group.

High Ranks

There used to be 4 Elite Commanders in Knights of Redcliff: benzo2, Rycerze, The13thHippie, and ROBLOX. However, both Roblox and Rycerze have left the group. benzo2, FlaminBlade and The13thHippie are some of the first players to have joined the group. With the addition of clans, Sorcus has been very selective picking only five other members. He seems to only select those of the Elite Commander rank, and the Knights of the Order. 


  • Knights of the Splintered Skies
  • Wizards of the Astral Isles


  • (formerly) Korblox Empire