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An example of fire lagging in a popular game called "Welcome to Roblox Building" by ROBLOX (user).

Lag is an occurrence in many games which the player's computer/game console slows down in movement in-game, or when their computer reacts or pings slower than the server. It can be described as "a failure to keep up". Lag can be very devastating for some players, and there are varying degrees, from slight jerkiness (mild lag) to total process freezing (extreme lag). Lag can occur from various things such as too many projectiles firing from a weapon or too many bricks present in a server.

There is a variety amount of kinds of lag types in Roblox.

Kinds of Lag

  • Ping (Latency) - The main cause of delay, players who's far from the roblox server or having a very slow internet (such as dial up) will get high ping which will result in a delay with almost all actions. More can be seen here
  • Brick Lag - This usually occurs when there are approximately 10,000 bricks or more present in a server.
  • Computer Lag - Sometimes if there are some problems with the player's computer, it may cause it to lag. This can also occur if programs other than ROBLOX are using too much of the computer's scarce resources. Closing any other programs on the computer can help avoid this problem.
  • Entry Lag - One of the most common types of lag, it occurs just as the player enters a server, with the lag usually disappearing after some time.
  • Internet Lag - This type of lag occurs when the player has a slow internet connection speed.
  • Server Lag - This is when the player's computer and/or internet is functioning properly, but the server is lagging severely, these actions that occur on the server are delayed and every other player present appears to freeze up, except for the player itself (this is because the client itself isn't lagging). This is less common, and the only way to stop it is for the player to quit the game, and return to the server.
  • Excessive Lag - This is a rare kind of lag and could occur when the computer and internet is slow/weak, and the server is lagging at the same time. Lost connections or Hardware Failures/Game Crashes are most likely to occur during this, due to the combined risks.
  • Tool Lag - This lag occurs when a player has too many tools that load. This especially is more likely to occur when a player has too many gears (like over 275 gears) in a gear game. It will only happen if the player joins, resets, or gets KO'ed. Its basically due to multiple scripts running at once.
  • Player Lag - This lag occurs if other players are not functioning properly.
  • Lag Compensation - In fighting-themed games, players who have weaker internet connections can potentially kill off a player's character after they are dead. This also happens in first-person shooter games such as Call of DutyModern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2, but the compensation in ROBLOX is even worse than said games.
  • Clothing/Body Color Lag - for a short time, the player character shows up as the default character in settings known as "Character.rbxm". Some players refer to this character model as "Noob". It has the old default "R" T-Shirt, a yellow head and arms, a blue torso, and greenish legs. Although rare, this lag may stay present for a few minutes. It has no effect on game-play except it usually happens during a server update or shutdown of ROBLOX's website. Other cases include meshless gray figures with hinges all over their bodies.
  • other program running lag - when other websites that use internet like youtube are running while playing roblox the game starts freezing a bit or the game will crash if its on full screen this lag is most likely because your running two things that require internet to stop this close any tabs but the roblox website but if your internet is good enough you can run youtube.

Levels of lag

No lag - Smooth framerate ( more than 30fps), and Good connection.

Mild lag - Less smooth framerate (30-15fps), Mildly slower walking speed and/or jerky connection.

Moderate lag - Bad framerate (15 - 5fps), Slower walking and/or Bad connection.

Severe lag - Very bad framerate (5 - 1fps), Very slow walking and/or very bad connection. (Extremely difficult to obbies).

Profound lag - Extremely bad framerate (less than 1fps), Extremely slow walking and/or Extremely bad connection and could make things unplayable.

ROBLOX Overlag- Which the connection doesn't respond which may cause a coumputer freeze or a Roblox crash.


  • Lag can be rather annoying to many players whenever it happens to their computers and can occur in many place servers.
  • Lag is one of the things that are complained about by many players the most on Roblox.
  • Lag causes higher difficulty in Obbies and Survive places (Disaster hotel, A dinosaurs life, etc.) experiences mild to moderate lag.
  • Contrary to popular belief, meshes do not create lag. However, decals do create lag, as proven in this place. However meshes use more disc space than normal bricks.
  • Back in 2007 or 2008, when the server is lagging, actions that occur on the server are delayed and every other player present appears to freeze including the player character him/herself.

Ways to avoid lag

  • Reducing Amount of Bricks: A great way to prevent lag in a place is to reduce the server brick count so that the total amount of bricks is less than 10,000.
  • Anti Lag Scripts: There are so called "Anti-lag" scripts in ROBLOX, but most of them will either work as viruses (used to ruin whoever inserts these scripts) or are completely useless. There are some that may reduce lag a bit by removing connections between static objects, but using most of these scripts won't usually reduce lag, and it is more likely to experience the opposite effect of what is intended.
  • Turning Graphics Down: Turning the graphics setting down can reduce lag in some games. It almost always helps in games such as Apocalypse Rising to turn the graphics down to 1 or 2, and then set it to "Auto".
  • Not downloading viruses: Downloading viruses cause the room on your computer to be short, which can cause lag, Such as a Fake Rubox Hacker, it can be a virus and make you have HUGE problems on ROBLOX
  • resetting your Wi-Fi system A recommended method if you are lagging ingame. Turn off your Wi-Fi system, wait a minute and try again. This way is one of the most common methods of hopefully reducing lag.
  • Keeping your computer hardware updated: Although Roblox has not released technical specifications since 09, it will run fine on any Intel Celeron (2012-2013) or AMD E2(2012-2013) or above. Intel HD Graphics 5000 or AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series should do the job for keeping a solid 27-30 FPS

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