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Leetspeak, is a way of speaking first used by hackers (Now its used by trolls on the forum). It contains the speaker making random letters capital, spelling things wrong and replacing letters with random characters such as ! @ # $ and more. This way of speaking is often used for "Noobs", yet real newbs don't talk like this. Here are some popular leetspeak words that can be translated:

Word English Meaning
n00b Noob / Newb Usually is used as

an insult.

1337 Eleet Real meaning is unknown.
l0l Lol (Laugh out loud) It refers to the player laughing.
pl0x Please. Used mainly in the phrase "d0n8 pl0x"
1 ! Leetspeakers often replace "!" with "1".
d0n8 Donate Donate means to give someone

something, usually money, or in this

case, robux.

m8 Mate. Usually something leetspeakers call some

people. Used also by non-leetspeakers as


Trivia Edit

  • "LOL" is not an English word. "LOL" is internet slang for Laugh out Loud.
  • The english version of 1337 is eleet. It is possible that eleet is a mix of the words Elite and Leet.