"LEGO Hero Factory:Breakout. A past contest game created by ROBLOX.

The "Lego Hero Factory Contest" is a past contest held by ROBLOX. 2 teams had to fight each other to win prizes.

The event's account is "LegoHeroFactory", which was to used to create and host the game.

People who built for this game include

  • Zacsac
  • Garret The Intern
  • SharpTH
  • Robloxian25537811
  • Aurarus
  • Flamingiceriver
  • Merely
  • V2-Blox31
  • bayat
  • FusRoBlox
  • TREVOR1817130
  • Paul12448
  • VinnyTheGreat

(Please note that some of these usernames might be usernames on Shedletsky's forum, IronNoob, not on Roblox)

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