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Levantine Assassins Brotherhood is a group owned by a ROBLOX user named sk3let0n. LAB is known to be the largest medieval clan in the history of ROBLOX with over 100,000 members.

Formed in late 2014 by Netblaze (now Nekzus) Levantine Assassins Brotherhood has had an overall bad reputation since late-2015. 


In recent years, Levantine Assassins Brotherhood has been remarked to be 'corrupt' and 'disordered'. Many LAB veterans abandoned the group due to the growing 'corruption'. LAB games have been known to be unfair, with LAB members utilising longbows that deal over 400 damage to players. Furthermore, some LAB members wield gas bombs, fire bombs, blunderbusses, health boosts and armour.

The outsider team (which was formerly known as "Hostiles" with a templar outfit automatically equipped) has a huge unfair advantage in LAB games. The outsiders currently wield regular linked-swords which have an anti-teamkill script implemented into them. The only way for the outsiders to stand a chance is to purchase pay-to-win gamepasses.

LAB members have a massive terrain advantage against the outsiders. The 'hidden blade' weapon can be used effectively due to this terrain advantage.


Netblaze (now Nekzus) handed over LAB to the second-in-command (Dignitary) sk3let0n not realising this would be a major mistake.

In LAB's early years, Netblaze wished to follow Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series lore. He implemented The Animus, Fortress of Masyaf and overall many other things related to the lore. Sk3let0n, once he had LAB in his grasp, he turned the group away from the lore which many Levantine Assassins Brotherhood veterans disliked.

Sk3let0n removed Masyaf entirely along with Fort de Zio (a LAB fort) and replaced them with forts based off of other games (such as Fallow Mire and Novigrad).