A level calculator on ROBLOX is a calculator that allows a user to input some statistics about themselves and that then gives the user a level depending on the values they gave. A user can calculate their level with a level calculator and then put that level on their profile.

Currently, the most known level calculator is clockwork's calculator, which is located on his ROBLOX HQ website. However, there are also others, though most are based the same formula: miked's BC formula.

The BC formula contest

In June 2007, the staff invited users to suggest formulas to calculate the worth of a user. The staff would then choose one of the formulas to award BC to a certain group of users to test a new feature.[1]

The winner was miked.[2] His formula calculated the level by taking various inputs, giving a certain importance to each, and returning a level from 1 to 99.

miked's BC formula is: \frac{-60}{\frac{1.2p}{5000}+1}+80+\frac{-12}{\frac{f}{100}+1}+\frac{-8}{\frac{r}{10}+1}+8\left(\left(\frac{-1}{\frac{k}{70}+1}+1\right)-\left(\frac{-1}{\frac{w}{1400}+1}+1\right)\right) where:

  • p is the number of place visits.
  • m is the number of months played.
  • f is the number of friends.
  • k is the number of knockouts.
  • w is the number of wipeouts.
  • r is the number of ROBUX.

Clockwork's calculator


Clockwork's calculator

Clockwork's level calculator is currently the most known level calculator. It is based on miked's BC formula. It asks a user to give it his number of place visits, months played, profile views, friends, KOs, wipeouts and forum posts.[3]


ROBLOX Ranks was a website created in November of 2012 by Uuvinu (formerly Bannana97) which caught the attention of many users and got featured on the blog[4]. The website looked at accounts' stats and at the website's content to give a rank to players. The owner has given the website to Shedletsky, who seems to have given up the project, leaving it broken.

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