Limited items are Catalog items available in finite quantities. They are initially sold by ROBLOX for a set price until they are discontinued; they may then be traded for other items or re-sold for ROBUX.



Users consider an item rare when it has both a low stock and high demand. Although some items may sell for a high price, they may not be considered rare because it has low demand. Due to the low stock, the recent average prices (also known as RAP) may be low, and the item is thus perceived of less value. Rare items make up for some of the most expensive items and the reason for their low RAP is because hardly any copies are ever sold. An example of a rare item is the first Limited item ever made, the Green Bow Tie.

High demand

An item with high demand is wanted by a large number of people, which is why many of these items have moderate stocks but are worth considerably more than you would expect (such as Guardia Helm).


Due to limited items constantly increasing their prices, many players are annoyed by this change, because some of them believe ROBLOX is greedy for money and is making them unrealistically exorbitant in order to force them to pay more real-life money when buying ROBUX. Some players also criticize limited items for being commonly scammed and scammers scamming owners of expensive limited items and stealing their own limiteds.

Some players, mostly first-time buyers of limited items, may sell them, but when another user sells for a lower price than the first-time buyer has, they would usually attempt to quickly reach or race to the top of the list so his/her copy can be purchased sooner. Many players criticize about this because they want their copy to be purchased as soon as possible.


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  • SpammedPrivateSales

    A spammed "Private Sales" section.

    Some users with at least 10 copies or more of the same limited item may spam the "Private Sales" section of the limited item's page, with each copy usually costing the same price.
    • Some players also attempt to fight with other sellers of a limited item by attempting to get their copy sold first before the other player does, usually by selling the item for a slightly lower price than the victim's copy, often occurring on insanely expensive limited items. This technique is known as "sale warring", and is often considered rude and disrespectful to especially poor users attempting to receive a large amount of ROBUX, and sometimes request a ROBLOX admin to terminate the player responsible for the sale war.
  • When a user purchases a limited item, it will appear next to the last item the user bought after it became a limited item.

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