Limited is a label given to catalog items available in finite quantities. They are initially sold by ROBLOX for a set price until they are discontinued; they may then be traded for other items or re-sold for Robux.



Users consider an item rare when it has both a low stock and high demand. Although some items may sell for a high price, they may not be considered rare because it has low demand. Due to the low stock, the recent average prices (also known as RAP) may be low, and the item is thus perceived of less value. Rare items make up for some of the most expensive items and the reason for their low RAP is because hardly any copies are ever sold. Two notable examples of rare items include the first Limited item ever made, the Green Bow Tie, as well as the most expensive Limited(U) item ever, Dominus Empyreus.

High demand

An item with high demand is wanted by a large number of people, which is why many of these items have moderate stocks but are worth considerably more than you would expect (such as Valkyrie Helm).


Although Limited items follow the general rule of supply and demand after they sell out and change price according to that rule, many players still dislike this because of instances like an item being sold for 50 Robux rising to 50,000 in a short span of time. Some players also criticize Limited items because there may not be any resellers of certain items, making it impossible to obtain them even though they aren’t actually offsale.

In terms of the market, price-warring is an issue with Limited items. A price war initially consists of a player wanting to sell their Limited item, so they put it up for sale at the cheapest price. Then, another player wants to sell their copy of that Limited item so they put theirs up for an even cheaper price. This results in the first user becoming agitated and taking their item off the market, then putting it up again with a price that is usually 1-10 less Robux than the second person. A loop of undercutting then ensues until one person gives up and stops lowering their prices. This behavior is criticised because it hinders people from selling their items and is also quite toxic.


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  • SpammedPrivateSales

    A spammed "Private Sales" section.

    Some users with at least 10 copies or more of the same limited item may spam the "Private Sales" section of the limited item's page, with each copy usually costing the same price.
  • When a user purchases a limited item, it will appear next to the last item the user bought after it became a limited item.

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