Limited is a label given to catalog items available in finite quantities. They are initially regular items sold by ROBLOX for a set price until they are taken offsale, and if the item is later selected to become Limited then they may be traded for other items or re-sold for Robux by those who have an active Builders Club membership.


Limited items are classed as 'collectibles' by Roblox, which means that multiple copies of a specific Limited item can be attained and stored in a user's inventory. They are a quintessential part of the trade system, and in practice function quite similarly to tradable and/or sell-able items in other virtual economies such as the Steam Community Market. Limited items can be quite volatile in their values, e.g. one day the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People could be worth 3,000 Robux in RAP and the next day go down to 2,700 (this type of volatility also depends on how highly demanded the Limited item is and how many copies of it are in circulation).

Limited unique

Limited U Label
Limited Unique

Example of a Limited unique

Limited unique (LimitedU) items are a variant of limited items that have serial numbers attached to each copy depending on when they were purchased. They are sold in specific quantities with a fixed price upon release and immediately become available for resale or tradable once sold out, compared to limited items which generally go offsale as regular items until they are manually selected to become limited. Limited unique items are often seen as more valuable than regular limited items, and this is amplified by demand for certain serial numbers which also signify when the unique copy was purchased from ROBLOX (#1, #42, #1337 etc.).


Many have complained about the use of bots to purchase limited unique items much, much earlier than regular users can. Roblox has attempted to counter this by selling certain series of items such as the Noob Attacks in thousands of copies, however it is a glaring issue with those that have been traditionally low in stock (the most notable example of this being the Immortal Swords).

Specialist terms


Wings of Liberty

An example of a rare limited, Wings of Liberty.

Users consider an item rare when it has both high demand and a low stock (typically less than 100 copies in existence). Although some items may sell for a high price, they may not be considered rare because it has low demand. Due to the low stock, the recent average prices (also known as RAP) may be low, and the item is thus perceived of less value. Rare items make up for some of the most expensive items and the reason for their low RAP is because hardly any copies of them are ever sold.

High demand

Improved Valkyrie Helm

An example of a high demand limited, the Valkyrie Helm.

A limited with high demand is wanted by a large number of people, which is why many of these items have moderate stocks but are worth considerably more than you would expect. These types of limiteds commonly sell daily and have ascending prices. 


Price Chart pro1

Example of a projection. The sudden spike in RAP and quantity purchased on that day compared to the usual pattern indicates that a user or multiple users have intentionally bought the item at a high price in order to inflate the Recent Average Price.

A limited that is projected is intentionally sold for a very high price while the RAP dramatically rises extremely high. They mostly vary with low stock (around 10,000 or less) and are not sold as much by users. Once a limited is projected, it will start to sell under RAP due to the unexcepted price change and rapidly descend to its original selling price and RAP. These limiteds are not as favored by the community and are considered to be 'foul' or 'scamming' items, although some may attempt to take advantage of the price illusion.



Example of a trade containing poisoned items. The fact that the user is being offered an astronomically higher value of items for what the other party wants in return is a red flag that those items may be poisoned.

poisoned item is one that has been stolen from a user's account. These items contain risk of the owner of that limited to be banned without awareness. They are not commonly traded around but can be traded for without notice. Being banned from a poisoned item can be appealed, but it depends if you intentionally or unintentionally traded for the item.



Although Limited items follow the general rule of supply and demand after they sell out and change price according to that rule, many players still dislike this because of instances like an item being sold for 50 Robux rising to 50,000 in a short span of time. Some players also criticize Limited items because there may not be any resellers of certain items, making it impossible to obtain them even though they aren’t actually offsale. This issue is exacerbated by 'hoarders', a term used to describe users who buy or trade for a high quantity of a specific Limited item in order to take those copies out of circulation with the goal of increasing the item's value to be resold at a profit.

In terms of the market, price-warring is an issue with Limited items. A price war initially consists of a player wanting to sell their Limited item, so they put it up for sale at the cheapest price. Then, another player wants to sell their copy of that Limited item so they put theirs up for an even cheaper price. This results in the first user becoming agitated and taking their item off the market, then putting it up again with a price that is usually 1-10 less Robux than the second person. A loop of undercutting then ensues until one person gives up and stops lowering their prices. This behavior is criticised because it hinders people from selling their items and is also quite toxic.


Sometimes, malicious users may obtain a poisoned limited on purpose and attempt to quickly trade it off to someone else with the intended result of the recipient being terminated. Users have called on Roblox to be more careful when reviewing these incidents.


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  • Spam Sold

    Example of catalog spam

    Some users with at least 10 copies or more of the same limited item may spam the "Private Sales" section of the limited item's page, with each copy usually costing the same price.
  • When a user purchases a limited item, it will appear next to the last item the user bought after it became a limited item.

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