This is a list of fan-created websites centered around Roblox. The list is not ordered in any way. The smaller, less popular sites appear in a separate section. The ROBLOX Wiki on is not included on this list.

Popular Websites

Website Description Type Activity
RoGo A former ROBLOX magazine turned weblog. Nominated for Best Fan Blog during the ROBLOX Game Conference 2012. Blog Slightly Inactive
ROBLOX G+ Community

The largest ROBLOX-related community on Google Plus.

Be warned, the community allows swearing and you will have to create a Google Plus account to participate.

Social Network Group Active
Scripting Helpers A Roblox Q&A site for scripters. Forum Active

A social network created by Robloxians for Robloxians.

It was created by ParsingError (ScriptingLegacy) in October of 2013.

After going under many huge updates, it became a large site with many features including instant messaging, foruming, status updates, groups and more.

Social Network Defunct
Plai_ Plai_ was a new kind of game review site and forum created by TehTiredTechie/TehTechiePlayz. Not much is known about the site.

Blog Forum


Roblox HQ

Clockwork's former ROBLOX fansite.

It included place reviews, forums, a level calculator, and more.

Website, Forums


Roblox News

A ROBLOX news site created by Arbirator. Winner of Best Fan Blog during the Roblox Game Conference 2012.


Inactive/No longer updated

Socialblox - A New Roblox Experience

A ROBLOX fan site created by the ROBLOX user Zerotheheroe. You could create a free account to socialize with other Robloxians. You were able to send messages, create posts make groups, and customize your profile. You could follow the accounts of other users to see all their posts on your homepage. The site is now shut down.

Social Network


TheJKid's Roblox Updates

A Roblox fansite created by TheJKid. In addition to a blog, it also features other useful content such as a place for downloading plugins. The site has not been updated since 2012, as TheJKid quit ROBLOX after being offended by many items on the ROBLOX Catalog due to his Christian beliefs.

Blog, Website

Inactive/No longer updated


This was a popular fansite created by ROBLOX use enyahs7. It included a catalog that you could buy items on, along with many articles on ROBLOX, an item finder, and more.

Website, Forums, Blog


Less Popular Websites

Activity is not included for these sites.

Website Description Type
RBLXdev A website with a collection of the older versions and clients of ROBLOX. Most notably is the 2008 and 2010 versions of ROBLOX. Also has a catalog and forums. It was taken down for copyright and has now moved under the name Nobelium. Nobelium has a public version of site called Finobe, which is very popular, and has 2010 and 2012 clients at this time. Game, Website, Forum
Graphictoria Very similar to RBLXdev, being an old ROBLOX host. Unlike RBLXdev, however, work is ongoing, games have been created and it is officially endorsed by some ROBLOX admins (examples include Legoseed and InceptionTime). Owned by Roblox User EnergyCell, and was shut down this month for allegations against him. Deleted

Golden Roblox Times

A smaller blog documenting news on Roblox.


Robloxians Network

A new and poupular News, Review, and Clan Website. it includes clan news, Catalogue reviews, Game Reviews, Scripting help and run by Xjack1233X

Blog, Website

Roblox Lab

A small website created by Ajedi32 which features scripting lessons, a level calculator, and other gadgets and resources.


Roblox Today

A small forum website with several highly active members.


Robloxian News Network

A very active blog made by Voiaman2 that does more than reviews,events,specials,etc...


RQuestions A question to answer community, where users ask questions! Website
AverateMedia A blog about quality games, group; more! Blog
BLOXikins Get the most authoritative, unbiased reviews for the hottest ROBLOX games at BLOXikins, written by well-trained and experienced writers. Blog/Website
ThisRoblox A new ROBLOX fansite with a forum. Other parts of the site will be done soon. Forum, Website
RXFM ROBLOX XTRA FM is ROBLOX's only active radio station. Created November 11th, 2014. For clean hits, 24/7, and Reviews, News, and Interviews, choose RXFM. Currently hiring. Radio/News
ROBLOX Gamers' Community Created on May 7, 2016. A source for the latest ROBLOX news. Posts are added almost daily, and posts include ROBLOX news, events, game spotlights, reviews, weekly wrap-ups, and more! We are currently hiring ROBLOXians active for over a year. Blog/News/Website
Roblox Fan Site Created on May 16, 2016. It includes a lot of features, including messaging and foruming! Forum, Avatar, Messaging, Website
WeLoveOldRoblox First started being made on September 9, 2017, WeLoveOldRoblox (aka WLOR) is one of many old Roblox projects. Game, Website
Roxolb Dedicated to be the most accurate representation of Roblox during 2007, as well as providing various archives and resources for the same period. Forum, Game, Website