This is a list of users who are known for using the bait-and-switch scheme, or using deceptive advertising. This method involves a user constantly changing title and thumbnail image of a place, tricking Robloxians into playing the game. This scam earns the said user massive amounts of place visits, ROBUX revenue and overall fame. Almost all of the users on this list have earned a negative reputation within the community of ROBLOX by pulling this scheme.

List of Bait-and-Switch Users/Groups

Active Users/Groups

These users are using the Bait-and-Switch scheme or deceptive advertising, and they are still active on Roblox.

Name Image
darkside891 Darkside891
Community Games™
Community Games
SanctuaryZR0 Sanctuary
Sleepy Studios

Terminated users and groups

These users are also well known for pulling this scheme, but they have been banned or removed from Roblox.

Name Image
Qillar Games™
Bigs173 Bigs173
DrRobloxian DrRobloxian
FatAsABlockz2 FatAsABlockz2
Her0z Ff5e9356079f2baf20cc0e3dfc3f7130
Jamie23 Jamie
Jaredvaldez4 Jaredvaldez4
JuliusColesV2 JuliusColesnewest
Juststeven Juststeven last
qaz100 TheEpicside23456-0
RichBAG Richbag
Sinister Studio
Telaluchiha1 Telaluchiha1
Obby Productions
Thurston97 Thurston97
Unknown Games™
Unknown Games™
WaffleBites WaffleBites