This is a list of some of the most recognized wars that have ever been fought on ROBLOX. Group wars occur when a certain type of group, military-themed groups fight one another by raiding the opposing side's forts. A winner is determined either through a final battle or by obtaining a certain amount of wins.

Ro-War II


Date: Around Summer 2009

Result: X-101st was proven the victor.

Groups Involved: X-101st vs. United Clan of Roblox and Roblox Elite Forces

This war was the second official war on ROBLOX, as far as the organization goes. At a time when the group feature first came out in 2009, a conflict between REF and X-101st had been brewing long before the start of the war. Once the group feature came out in the Summer of 2009, famous user Kinglime founded the United Clan of Roblox (UCR) in order to destroy X-101st. UCR quickly grew to be the largest group on ROBLOX at the time, amounting to over 3,000 members. Soon after the war ignited, the Roblox Elite Forces, holding a grudge against X-101st, quickly sided with the United Clan of Roblox. Along with these clans fighting, several smaller clans, including Orglock Empire and Umbrella Corporation, joined in on opposing sides. The war was mainly fought at X-101st's Fort Franneh, which eventually set the winner. X-101st had more raid wins at the end over UCR and REF in the end, which led to victory.

The aftermath of the war led to Roblox Elite Forces' decline, where the leader left ROBLOX sometime later.


Rat logo
Date: Around Late 2009

Result: Roblox Assault Team dominated.

  • RAT and UCR allied.

Groups Involved: The Roblox Assault Team vs. United Clan of Roblox, Roblox Honor Corporation, United Powers

The United Clan of Roblox was the largest group on ROBLOX, with 7,000 members before the war was declared. The Roblox Assault Team was a smaller war group with about 300 members. The founder of the group, Cezza321, had just passed leadership of the group to second-in-command Stealth matt at that time.

Stealthmatt gained the sponsorship of then-famous player Mastermind140, which boosted RAT's Recruitment Center to reach the front page. This was what got RAT the large populous for a passable strength count and, soon after, enough for competition. Benblue9, during then a leader of UCR at the time, noticed this activity, and being a friend of Stealthmatt, he wanted to ally the two groups quickly. Afterward, he discovered three servers dominated by RAT members that were raiding UCR's Recruitment Center, and a war was declared.

As a result, Benblue9 pleaded for assistance from allies Roblox Honor Confederation (led by Donkeyo4) and United Powers (led by ThePhantomHourGlass). Once Benblue9 realized that his members were leaving UCR because of the repetitive RAT invasions, both sides negotiated an agreement in which RAT would become the victor under the condition the raids would cease. The agreement was passed by Stealthmatt, and the war had halted.

The aftermath became that both clans had allied. ThePhantomHourGlass scammed Stealthmatt out of RAT and took control of it for himself. The group was then passed through several leaders, and the cycle eventually stopped at Donkeyo4. Benblue9 led UCR through Summer of 2010, before giving the group to Trick555.



Part of: The FEAR-RAT conflict

Date: January - April 2010

Result: Roblox Assault Team, along with its allies, became victorious.

  • Both groups allied.

Groups Involved: FEAR vs. The Roblox Assault Team, United Clan of Roblox, and Frost Clan

When FEAR was created by a controversial player, SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, the group quickly surpassed RAT in members. Many group leaders formed a temporary alliance to oppose the immaturity of the group, and war was eventually proclaimed.

RAT, UCR, and Frost Clan performed a mass raid on FEAR's Recruitment Center for 3 months. After that, a final battle was proposed to determine the winner of the war. Donkeyo4 and Poisonlava, the representatives for RAT, had fought SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX, the representatives for FEAR.

Although RAT's representatives won the battle, and thus the war, both sides claimed victory at first. The victory was proven by a game recording posted by Donkeyo4. It was not until after FEAR allied with RAT, UCR, and Frost Clan that FEAR eventually admitted defeat, and a stable account of the ultimate victor emerged.


NB Logo

Date: July-September 2011

Result: JC victory

Groups Involved: John's Cobras, The First Encounter Assault Recon, and The Roblox Assault Team Vs. Noble Blade

One of the largest wars to ever emerge, this war was sparked when JLCompton89 hacked into pspjohn1, Emperor of John's Cobras, account. He then gave the group to SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, Commander of The First Encounter Assault Recon (the largest group of the time). JC was on a fast rise before the hack, having around 9,000 members. However, because of the hack, JC was on a major downfall. Until pspjohn made his return, and SONIC gave the group back to him. John then allied with SONIC's group FEAR, and one of their strongest allies, RAT(owned by ColourTheory). They then proceeded to declare war on Noble Blade to make them pay for the sins JLCompton committed.

Both groups committed large raids on the enemy bases. FEAR, RAT, and JC raided together most of the time. JC, being the most notable force, gaining most of the wins. This got the C&G's attention on JC, whom most were rooting for due to the past hacks JLCompton has committed.

NB then proceeded to group ban JC soldiers from entering their base. However, JC was still able to get in thanks to anonymous alternate accounts. In the end, both sides claimed victory. But there was later proof to support that JC, FEAR, and RAT won. In the end, celebrations were held on the victory against NB. NB would later on battle WIJ, which they would yet again, lose.

The First Vaktovian War


Date: January 2011 - January 2012

Result: Tie between the Vaktovian Empire and the Roblox Assault Team

Groups Involved: The Vaktovian Empire vs. The Roblox Assault Team

The war between the Roblox Assault Team and Vaktovian Empire remains as one of the most popular and controversial wars in ROBLOX history. This war started when VAK first became an extremely powerful group. It was extremely small in terms of members (only 1,000 members were in VAK at the time of the war), but only accepted skilled fighters, and therefore, became powerful based on skill. RAT and other groups including FEAR, new super-clan Vortex Security, and UCR. After defeating Vortex Security and UCR, The Vaktovian Empire turned its attention towards RAT. Both groups started to mass raid each other. During this time, a new version of RAT's classic base Celeste II was released. This base was mass raided, along with VAK's main base Swampy Moon Outpost. A final battle was eventually organized, with both sides fighting fiercely, only to end in a tie.


Part of: The FEAR-RAT conflict

Date: Around Summer 2012

Result: Opposing forces settled on a draw. Alliance between RAT, & FEAR went back to normal.

Groups Involved: The Roblox Assault Team, Vortex Security, Urban Assault Forces, Frost Clan vs. FEAR, United Clan of Roblox, The Raven Empire, Nightfall Clan, Team Domino

After the breakdown of the alliance between FEAR and RAT, tensions arose between the two groups. FEAR then went to war with The Robloxian Army and declared victory. ColourTheory then declared the victory void and then declared war on FEAR. A final battle was never declared between the two sides, and both RAT and FEAR settled on a mutual draw to end the war. One effect of the war was that Fort Borealis, RAT's main fort at the time, remained on the front page for a large duration of the war. The war eventually morphed into other wars, including Urban Assault Forces, The Roblox Assault Team, and Vortex Security all declaring war on United Clan of Roblox, as well as the three groups declaring war on Nightfall Clan. After the war ended, RAT and FEAR refueled their alliances.

GSC vs. UNA Ro-War III

Date: December 2012 - January 2013

Result: Tie- United Nations and Grand Superclan Coalition claim victory.

  • Both consortiums broke apart.

Groups Involved: John's Cobras, The Alphian Empire, Roblox Night Wing, and many other smaller clans (UN) v.s. The Roblox Assault Team, RSF, The Robloxian Army, Vortex Security, and The First Encounter Assault Recon.

In December 2012, a war between longtime rivals John's Cobras and The Roblox Assault Team broke out. Allies began entering the war on both sides. The clans on the side of John's Cobras were in an alliance known as the United Nations (UN) which included major players like The Alphian Empire and Roblox Night Wing. The alliance had approximately 180,000 members fighting. The Grand Superclan Coalition, which was made up of the clans fighting on the side of The Roblox Assault Team, had around 500,000 members combined. Several mass raids broke out at the end of December. On January 1, 2013, around 1,000 members from the Grand Superclan Coalition mass-raided John's Cobras Fort Fang. Through a full 24 hours of harsh fighting, both sides showed fierce fighting. Most of the UN forces that defended Fort Fang were from John's Cobras and The Alphian Empire though eventually like a lot of Roblox wars, both sides claimed victory. The GSC claimed that they got well over the sufficient amount of wins, whereas the UN claimed that a few wins were edited and therefore void. Although GSC got all 30 wins, of them a few edited. Soon after the war The Robloxian Army made a model known as Snake Cages and implanted them into there base. Although the GSC claimed they had one, there was enough evidence to prove a tie. Both groups strategically planned this invasion out with long weeks of preparation and readiness. The GSC sent an invasion of over 30 servers were filled. Epic battles sprung across all servers of Fort Fang. Both sides lost in some way, however. The UN broke apart as did the GSC. 

TGI vs. VAK and TGI vs. NFC

Date: July 2013 - March 27, 2014

VAK Result: Disputed.

NFC Result: TGI victory,

  • TGI leader Castellian released thread of apology for flame against VAK and NFC.

Groups Involved: Coalition of Steel, The Grand Imperium vs. The Vaktovian Empire, - Unity -

Both The Vaktovian Empire and the Grand Imperium had not seen defeat in a war and were encouraged by much of the Clans and Guilds forum to fight each other. This eventually transpired as The Grand Imperium's leader ToberDam declared war on VAK.

At the beginning of the Ro-War, both TGI and VAK allowed allies to assist them. TGI had many well-known superclans such as Frost Clan, Urban Assault Forces, and WIJ to help them, those clans wanting revenge on VAK as well as finally defeating them. Many users joined The Arcadian Guard, similar to VAKs' Vaktovian Ascension Core (VAC) to fight, and ToberDam made the Coalition of Steel for uniting leaders into a pact.

Starlite Corporation leader skul4o create the group - Unity - for VAK and their allies. VAK's allies include Starlite Corporation, The Lycan Empire, The Vorkentic Brigade, Valkyrie Special Forces and many other smaller clans.

In the beginning, both sides used their allies to fight most of the raids for them. Then they temporarily removed them for a one-v-one war period, but it quickly went back to many allies of VAK and TGI assisting them again.

The war was paused, due to ToberDam's 'smart' play, and caused tons of TGI High Ranks to leave for either VAC or to retire for good. Once ToberDam gave the throne back to Castellian around 11/12/2013, the war was agreed to resume 11/24/2013 at 12:00 PM EST. Once the war resumed, VAK rallied 90 Men and TGI 87.

The battle went on for a while. In January, it seemed as if the war had reached a stalemate, but Vaktus quickly made sure that the war would go on. Two months afterward, Castellian, leader of the Grand Imperium, released a thread. It talked about forgotten values, the state of clans currently, and his mistakes. Castellian confessed that he had made many mistakes during the war and, most Vaktovians took this as a surrender.

Later that day, Vaktovian gathered as Vaktus and other high ranks celebrated the planned victory against TGI as well as promoting various members in VAC and VAK. Vaktus then announced that they would go on and battle RAT.

Castellian's thread:

Vaktovian Ceremony part 1:

Part 2:

Frostarian Civil War

Date: 2013-2014

Groups involved: The Roblox Assault Team Vs. The New Frostarian Union and Urban Assault Forces

Nfu logo
The Frostarian Civil War was one of the most historic events ever to take place in RAT history. It started when RAT was being brought to its knees by clans such as WIJ. Then, out of nowhere, ColourTheory, one of RAT's best leaders, returned to ROBLOX. He called for a speech at the Sparrow Mansion, and criticized Cjsaurusrex(the leader of RAT at the time), and announce a rebellion called the New Frostarian Union. The rebel forces declared war on RAT, and the rebellion began.

Urban Assault Forces noticed the rebellion going on, and allied NFU to help them in the war. UAF held an operation called 'Occupy Borealis', where they mass raided RAT's main base Fort Borealis and won. To add style to the storyline of their lore, they made it look like they actually captured the base, as seen on Falsewarrior000's profile page as an official decommissioned fort of UAF.

In the end, the rebellion was won, and CT was given back RAT. He later gave it to Meto02.

The Second Vaktovian War

Date: Around February, March, or April 2014 - Around May 2014

Result: VAK Victory

Groups involved: The Vaktovian Empire and The Roblox Assault Team

The Vaktovian Empire declares war on RAT before ThePhantonHourGlass gave RAT to Meto02 and after the clan gets reformed when the RAT-NFU conflict ended. VAK begins to massively raid RAT's fort, Celeste II and achieve many wins, RAT also raided VAK but achieved fewer victories, giving them about no wins at all. Unlike RAT vs VAK I, no Final Battles emerged.

TCC/CA/Fleetcom vs UCR/RSF/EL

Date: November 9-25 2014

Result: TCC/CA/Fleetcom defeats UCR/RSF/EL with 25-13

Groups involved: The Clock Corporation, Canadian Army and Fleetcom vs United Clan of ROBLOX, Roblox Special Forces, and Electro Legion

During November Clocksmith decided to ally Canadian Army and Fleetcom to look for groups that would like a TRI-WAR. They eventually found their enemies and declared war. They all fought hard, but when the score hit 15-13 for TCC/CA/Fleetcom the three of them quickly gained many wins as well as winning many defenses from UCR/RSF/EL. Soon enough TCC/CA/Fleetcom gained enough wins to claim a victory, which UCR/RSF/EL accepted. They proved that power clans could war super clans and win, and fought with bravery and valor.

The Vaktovian Conquest

VAK logo

VAK Logo 2

Date: Around November 2014 to February 2015

Result: VAK victory, Alliance between CAT and EL continues

Groups involved: The Vaktovian Empire vs Vortex Security, RSF, The First Encounter Assault Recon, Electro Legion, Combat Assault Team

Unlike the last two Vaktovian wars, this one did not involve The Roblox Assault Team, one of VAK's notable rivals. In November of 2014, Vaktus declared a conquest for The Vaktovian Empire's 2nd cycle in ROBLOX. This conquest was declared on 5 other groups, Vortex Security (lead by imnotagirlimaguest), RSF, FEAR, Electro Legion (owned by xMaledon), and Combat Assault Team(owned by joshua101814). CAT was a relatively new clan founded in 2011, and this was one of their first big wars in ROBLOX.

There have been rumors going around that SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, the Commander of FEAR, turned down the war declaration on them. However, SONIC noted that rumor as false. This was the first war that FEAR was going into ever since their embarrassment from a war with their longtime rivals RAT back in the summer. That war caused FEAR to be relatively hated, and even considered the worst group in ROBLOX. Although SONIC did except the war terms, FEAR didn't really play a big role in this war.

The real competitors of that war were CAT and EL. Since they both had the urge to compete against VAK, they both allied. Frost Clan, a group that was not a part of the war, but allied with EL, also allied with CAT as a result. They started raiding VAK's Swampy Moon Outpost II together to signal their friendship. However, VAK did the same.

In the end, VAK was proven victor over all five groups 12-9. However, Gannex, the Supreme General of VAK, did thank all except Vortex Security for their efforts. Vortex Security didn't get any thanks was because of Lilly banning VAK from entering their base Vulcan.


Date: Around February 2015 to March 2015, 2nd Cycle from October 19th to ??

Result: The war was never completed and the result was heavily disputed.

Groups involved: V O I D vs. The Vaktovian Empire

In December of 2015, ISOLAYTOR's new clan V O I D (The Locust Horde) left its development stage of the time. V O I D had significant alliances at the time they used against VAK, including Electro Legion. Ever since V O I D's creation, ISOLAYTOR has had a slight ego over The Vaktovian Empire. He was considering war. Vaktus did promise that VAK would annihilate V O I D if they went to war. Tensions began to rise between the two groups, and after the rivalry peaked, ISOLAYTOR finally declared war on VAK. Gannex ultimately declined the war, but then was forced to accept it after further consideration. In just one day, V O I D won 5 wins and VAK had none. The C&G began to think that V O I D would do the impossible and defeat VAK. However, VAK then closed their base for updates. This enraged ISOLAYTOR, and caused him to flame VAK on the forums. Then, VAK finally proposed a final battle on the Fair City Warzone map. Both groups fought hard, but then ISOLAYTOR left the fair city supposedly because he thought V O I D would eventually lose. ISOLAYTOR then ended the war and pretended to leave ROBLOX, but then came back under a new username in YShaarj. This garnered major criticism to V O I D.

On October 19th, 2015 ISOLAYTOR's former girlfriend unleashed a second cycle of the war, beginning with leaking ISOLAYTOR's login information to Team Alex, a notorious hacking group, because she was mad about their breakup because of real-life stress. Team Alex proceeded to give away all of the account's assets, including developed projects, gun tech, forts, bases, money, and group assets to many people, but most of all to The Vaktovian Empire. The also posted a poll to the Clans and Guilds subforum asking for what should be leaked first, and the majority chose C, to leak everything. The evidence of this was caused by Alex announcing to the Clans and Guilds subforum that he had hacked ISOLAYTOR. This event outraged The Locust Horde and began a war on the forums. Within the hour, the moderators arrived at C&G and suppressed any further damage from being done, including disabling the YShaarj account.

Following the aftermath of the event, most of V O I D's assets were returned to ISOLAYTOR. Most remarkably of these assets was the main V O I D group itself, which to the surprise of many, was returned by VAK after a meeting between ISOLAYTOR and Vaktus himself. This resulted in the two clans ending the conflict on good terms, with no major hostilities occurring between since.

Skilled Force vs. Royal Blood

Date: March 2015

Result: Skilled Force victory

Groups Involved: Royal Blood, Skilled Force

This war was considered to be one of, if not the biggest wars to ever take place in the sword clan community. In late 2014, a coalition existed between Skilled Force, Fire Warriors Clan, and Royal Blood. At the time, these three clans were considered the best sword clans by many. The leaders of the three clans thought the sword clan community was lacking in excitement, so they decided to fake a break-up of the coalition, and eventually, a fake war in which all of the groups would "turn on" each other. This plan did not occur due to activity issues in each of the clans, but it sparked the war that followed.

After the fake break-up, Royal Blood was no longer allied with Skilled Force. Although the break-up was just meant to be staged, real hostility formed because of it. The second-in-command of Skilled Force, muffinman99 and Rezdonox, were starting to have issues after a screenshot of muffinman99 saying that SF could beat RB was leaked.

Eventually, Royal Blood declared hostility against Skilled Force, and the war started soon after. Skilled Force unexpectedly was gaining the upper hand early on, gaining 2 wins very quickly and with somewhat ease. They continued to rack up wins, and Royal Blood started fighting back. The war was somewhat back-and-forth, with a final score of 25-8 in Skilled Force's favor.

Some criticize the war by saying that time zones affected RB's performance (SF was primarily GMT, RB was primarily EST). Some issues also occurred, including multiple instances of each group claiming the other was refusing to defend their base.


Date: December 2015 - January 2016

Result: REDFOR Victory

Groups Involved: The BLUFOR alliance (TRA, VS, LS, RDF, TCC, FEAR, and many other clans) vs. the REDFOR Alliance(RAT, TAE, OO, AA, NFC, RAA, SC, TFC and many other clans).

This war was one of the largest wars that have ever taken place in the modern clan era. It was brought up after RAT declared war on TRA. TRA, rather than wanting to fight against RAT, looked to fight a bigger war. They declared war on RAT along with their allies. TRA's coalition, known as BLUFOR, declared war on Roblox Assault Team, The Alphian Empire, Orion Offensive, Alpha Authority, NFC, RAA, SC, TFC, and many other clans. On the first day of the war, OO's base was massively raided with over 100 rallying to raid at FOB Rhodes(OO's current base). However, OO successfully defended the base, not losing a single server. RAT was easier to raid for BLUFOR forces, and they were able to achieve a few victories there. The war was put on hold to negotiate new terms that RAT wanted to propose to BLUFOR.

After negotiations finished the next day, the war once again resumed. It continued on for 2 weeks and resulted in a REDFOR victory.

In the end, REDFOR won with a final war score of 100-65, with BLUFOR admitting defeat on a separate thread. Most wins were from the Roblox Assault Team, The Alphian Empire, Orion Offensive, and Sleet Clan. Some events that happened after the war include the Sleet Clan admin attack, the OO-RAT alliance and the subsequent rise of OO, growing tensions between OO and FEAR. It also marked AA's last war under Zanziber, arguably the best leader of the clan.

War of the Rap (UAF Vs. JC)

Date: April 2016-May 2016

Result: UAF Victory

Groups involved: Urban Assault Forces, Alversian Peoples' Navy, The Chivalrous Dominance, United Clan of Roblox, Fire Warriors Clan, and The Brotherhood Vs. John's Cobras, Tad's Cobras, Veloxic Empire, Lortex Security, R.A.A.(mercenaries hired by Tadcool)

This was a massive war that broke out after SteffJonez, JC's leader at the time, made fun of UAF's rap. UAF was angered by this and raided JC to teach them a lesson. The server was shut down right before UAF was able to pull off the win, and therefore, a war was declared titled "The War of the Rap". It started off as an average war, but then, the war became intense. This drew the attention of other uninvolved clans. All of a sudden, random clans uninvolved with the war at the time announced support to JC. Allies of UAF did the same. Therefore, this was considered a full-scale Ro-War. This war began to build lots of hype on C&G. Despite the mass support that each side was receiving, UAF was seemingly destroying JC with JC having no wins.

As the end of the war drew near, EmperorRyzoft, a close friend of pspjohn1 and founder of Green Gods, offered 37k Robux to SteffJonez to JC. Steff accepted, and to everyone's surprise, Ryan was not scammed. Ryan at first was going to lead JC, but then decided not to because he was afraid he might ruin it further. He gave it to AtomicRXN, the leader of The Brotherhood(a rebellion in JC and participant in the war). UAF did win the war, but many people consider the moment that happened at the end to be the event that resurrected JC from Steff. Many people respect Ryan's decision to give up his dream of leading JC and giving it to Atom. The war ended 25-0 in UAF's favor.

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force vs Kreig Loyalists

Date: March 2012 - Present 

Result: Winning at the moment is SHAEF 

Groups Involved: United States Military 1940s (With the rest of SHAEF ) vs Austartt Empire - (Around 40 other groups Kreig made) Second Frankish Realm

The war started when Kreig started his own Axis group SHAEF found them as an enemy. SHAEF declared war on Austratt so Austratt responded by having people raid them all day. SHAEF was being crushed by the Austratt growing numbers so they had to find a way to take them out. SHAEF got dirt on Kreig and found out he was a Neo of the well you know so they started mass reporting Austratt and it got banned. So Kreig started another group after it got banned. Then another, another, another, another, and I found one of the groups he owned to be very very funny he made a very neotype group in 2015. This has been going on until Kreig quit Roblox in 2017 after The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation was banned so he gave the torch to a follower called Lavo he has so far made 5 groups that have all failed the Second Frankish Realm has been active for about five days now.