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This is a list of places with the highest place visits on Roblox. This list also notes the creator of the place Despite the names of the places on this list and their respective fame, some of them are highly disliked across the Roblox community and have proven to be very controversial, thus this list should not be considered a ranking of popularity or likability.

This list also may not be perfectly up to date. This page was last updated on October 18, 2018 by Zabaz.

Project Pokemon was taken down from Roblox due to copyright issues by Pokémon.

Top Places

Creator Amount of visits Place
Alexnewtron 2,431,436,711 MeepCity
Badimo 2,002,064,659 Jailbreak
Nikilis 1,153,938,595 Murder Mystery 2
Dued1 1,010,410,133 Work at a Pizza Place
Aesthetical 881,430,370 Prison Life


Natural Disaster Survival


Roblox High School
Coeptus 499,919,395 Welcome to Bloxburg
TypicalType 432,734,061 Epic Minigames
Defaultio 431,393,467 Lumber Tycoon 2
prisman 415,385,533 Assassin!
DemSkittlesDoee 350,751,436 Robloxian Life
PlatinumFalls 337,579,098 Obby
Vurse 336,917,908 Speed Run 4


Project Pokémon