This is a list of players with over 100 million place visits associated with their account on Roblox. This list also notes the account's most popular place, however it does not count for group-owned places like Badimo's Jailbreak. Despite the names of the players on this list and their respective fame, some of them are highly disliked across the Roblox community and have proven to be very controversial, thus this list should not be considered a ranking of popularity or likability.

Top Users

Note: Updated as of July 15, 2018.

Goes from highest visits to lowest. Features the Top 14 users.

User Amount of visits Most visited place
Alexnewtron 1,939,429,556 MeepCity
Nikilis 994,733,544 Murder Mystery 2
Dued1 917,608,305 Work at a Pizza Place
Aesthetical 802,320,266 Prison Life
Stickmasterluke 669,220,409 Natural Disaster Survival
Cindering 510,337,118 ROBLOX High School
Defaultio 422,167,762 Lumber Tycoon 2
TypicalType 393,977,095 Epic Minigames
Vurse 392,129,825 Speed Run 4
prisman 374,799,151 Assassin!
DemSkittlesDoee 374,573,666 Robloxian Life
Coeptus 345,025,269 Welcome to Bloxburg
PlatinumFalls 303,672,879 Obby
Wish_z 263,474,538 Project Pokémon