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Lortex Security is a superclan that is currently lead by Flavoured. Originally founded by Rebreb97, the clan met with a negative reception in the early days of its existence. Most of this criticism was generated because of the negative reputation of Rebreb97. Another large reason the clan was criticized was the similarities of the name of Lortex Security and the name of another popular group, Vortex Security.

Group Places Current and Old

Communications Tower:

A very new Fort of Lortex Security named Communication Tower. That was created by Arcarius. In recent times it was to get a major update, but was then shot down as work on the Lortex Detention Center Began. The Communication Tower is currently having tech enhancements and big updates.

It can be located here:

Command Chamber:

The current meeting place that replaced the old meeting center created by Toast_man.

It can be located here:

Skirlings Pass:

This is LS's recruitment center, and allows players to go around and try to cause havoc in LS's mountain base. It has been removed on and off from the Lortex Security page.

It can be located here:

Combat Progressions:

This is the current training facility. This is powered by our latest system "Exalted" Which was created by Marinist.

It is found here:

Assembly Point:

Created by ExaltedArchitect, Marinist, and T_oast this was made to Command Chamber.

It can be found here:


Lysterian Battlegrounds:

Once a training facility of Lortex Security, it was replaced. This was made by Marinist.

It can be located here:

Meeting Center:

Currently it is not activated as the Command Chamber replaced it. It was made by Toast_man and has been activated on and off. It was not commonly used.

Can be located here:

Main HQ:

Although no longer in use, not much is known about it. It was discovered and immediately recognized as a Lortex Fort that Shootingraw1 made. It is currently inactive.

Can be located here:

Rally Point:

Recently Discovered as well, not much is known other then it is part of Shootingraw1's many Lortex Security places created. It is inactive at this point.

Can be located here:

Supreme Court:

Yet another piece recovered from Shootingraw1's era. It is inactive and t was made by McBud, though not much more is known about it.

Can be located here:

Training area V.1:

Recovered from Toltem's era, it is inactive.

Can be located here:

Training Facility:

The leader during this era is unknown however this facility has been leaked. It is inactive.

LS oldera logo

Can be located here:

Lortex Security High Command Meeting Center:

Created during darkggods era, this is one of a few things we know is related to his era. It is inactive.

Can be located here:

Any and all contributions to known places of old eras would be loved.

Command Chamber:

This was made by T_oast and is no longer in use.

It can be located here:


The group was founded in 2012 by Rebreb97, who was a notorious false advertiser. Rebreb97 intended for the group to be copied from Vortex Security in order to generate more controversy. She then offered free VIP on her falsely-titled game; this practice was also used by Pieperson50. Once the group gained around 20,000 members Rebreb97 was deleted.

Rbx 16

After Rebreb97's deletion, the group was passed around by a couple of leaders, until it was given to Shootingraw1. Shootingraw1 made several major reforms to the group, including the replacement and addition of several high-ranks, the release of new technology, and several training reforms to improve the group's overall combative skills. Shootingraw1 caused the group's previously negative reputation to decrease to an extent. The group fought several major wars under Shootingraw1's reign, which drew even more members and funds to the group.

Like Rebreb97, Shootingraw1 was eventually deleted. The group was then given to Darkggod. Thus far, Darkggod has attempted to carry out the reforms and regulations that were set in place by Shootingraw1. Under Darkggod's reign, the group has fought several wars, most notably against John's Cobras and H.A.U. They were victorious in the war against H.A.U., but surrendered to John's Cobras. Eventually, Darkggod

Darkggod logo era

retired from leading LS and gave it to Livium/McVoss. Like many, McVoss eventually quit, and the group was passed over to Toltem and Aso2. After Toltem and Aso2 resigned, the group was handed over to iMcLogic. Following iMcLogic it got handed over to Fertility and Impresario. Functionized owned the group and sold it to Flavoured. Flavoured has made many changes to Lortex Security including divisions, new tech, and a bright future. During Flavoured's reign there have been several rebellions, and a lot of controversy regarding whether or not Flavoured actually cares for Lortex Security, or if he's just using it for funds. In current times, Lortex Security has become more focused on the people and our history. Many old Places or "Relics" from Shootingraw1's era have been discovered.



Lortex Security has many major divisions as well as inactive ones, however these are the official divisions.

Airborne Assault:

A division created for Lysterians who love flying the vertibirds at Communication Tower. One of the first divisions activated it is currently active and looking for members. In recent discussions, it has been confirmed this division will serve a purpose in coming changes in Lysteria. It is currently being directed by Colonel Conman0552.


A division based solely on the defense of the Warden, Oathsworn is one of the most prestigious division in LS history. At first, with many active members, it was a very active and useful group. But, it soon dies oout after the original Oathsworn Captain left. Due to the lack of activity, it usefulness began to decline when gunperkz took control of it. Over time, it switched from the hands of gunperkz to CommanderExalted, then to Marinist, who decided that the division had no purpose seeing as how LS's activity was declining and was soon shutdown for good. In recent times to come, it has been seen as useful again and may have a place in LS. It is currently being directed by General Ramerion.

Boarding Brigade:

An aquatic based division that hasn't released yet due to the hiatus of Lortex Security's aquatic base. It was removed off of the allies list when Flavoured's Builders club expired.

Officer Operations:

Currently directed by Marinist, this division is overseen by EPICBRO2004, Conman0552, and Ramerion and is responsible for training Captains. Within this prestigious division, they are put through several stages and are given the opportunity of achieving Colonel. It slowly deteriorated when captain activity disappeared.

Current HICOM







Senior Colonel












Current Ranks


The first rank in Lortex Security; where every Officer one started. This is where you begin your career, and not much is expected of you. To be promoted, simply attend events and defenses.


In this rank you are still treated new, and overtime you will be taught everything as of to how Lortex Security operates.

Private First Class

Those within this rank should be developing a basic understanding as of to what is expected of them.


Those within this rank should be developing a basic understanding as of to what is expected of them.


This is the turning point in your career in Lysteria, where you need to decide whether or not you want to advance. After this point you are considered a true Lysterian.


Those in this rank should be aware of how Lortex Security operates and functions. This is the last rank before you start Officer Operations.


This is the final rank before you're put through Officer Operations, a division which is intended to train Captains and preparing them for Colonel.


Diplomat is a leader and/or High Rank of another group. They communicate between the two groups and help make decisions based on the alliance.

Any Rank from colonel on up also has something called quotalogs:

These essentially force these ranks to host training's, or be demoted.


The first High Rank. These are the people who have passed through OO and have been selected to lead Lysteria.

Senior Colonel

These are the High Rank elite. They are the most prominent of leaders.


These are some of the best leaders in LS. They're tasks are to keep the rest of the HiCom organized and complete.


Hand picked by the Warden himself, these are the second-in-commands of LS, and make most of the groups decisions.


The leader of LS. A beacon of hope and strength for Lysterians everywhere.

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