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MEGA places were games whose servers could hold up to 50 players with a reduced amount of lag than normal due to increased capabilities of the computation power with additional players. MEGA places used more of ROBLOX's server resources, and were only allowed to be created by Builders Club (BC) members. MEGA places were officially released in August 2011 after several periods of testing with 100 players on ROBLOX's game testing sites Introducing MEGA Places - ROBLOX Blog, August 11, 2011. MEGA places were removed at some time in 2014, most likely July 28th (that date was once stated on this article talking about how that was the day NBC users could start using MEGA places, but it was not proved with a source, and NBC members were actually never able to use MEGA places, but could make places that allowed up to 50 players after the removal of MEGA places). After this happened, all users were able to make places that could have up to 50 players.

Personal servers, which were also a feature limited to Builders Club members, were automatically made a MEGA server. After an unknown time, they removed the picture symbolizing that it was a MEGA place. They did create, and keep the picture that shows that a game is a Personal Server. Then the Personal Servers themselves were removed June 8, 2016.

Groups often made their places 'Mega' as they could hold much more members of the group than a standard server.


Few games on the front page currently have 100 players as the max, mostly due to gameplay being hard at higher player counts. Only MeepCity and 2 of Air Attica's games has 100 players on it, but on December 28, 2016, MeepCity's player count was changed to 80, but on an unknown date it was changed to 120.

This is probably because there will be never that amount of players playing a single game, as even top page games won't have a total of 50000 players playing a game.

However, on 12/23/17, Jailbreak's Player Total Exceeded 110K Players. This is the highest amount of players playing a single game at a time.

Mega Places on ROBLOX