Creates a joint on the sides of the parts in the model's children (or only the part, if the method is used on a single part) that have a surface type that can make a joint with an adjacent part.

The following code would form joints in the model named 'Car' contained in the Workspace:
Behavior of surface types
Weld Universal Studs Inlet Glue Smooth
Weld Weld Weld Weld Weld Weld Weld
Universal Weld Snap Snap Snap Glue No joint
Studs Weld Snap No joint Snap Glue No joint
Inlet Weld Snap Snap No joint Glue No joint
Glue Weld Glue Glue Glue Glue Glue
Smooth Weld No joint No joint No joint Glue No joint

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