Every year, Roblox does their annual Memorial Day Sale. Some item prices will be decreased to a much short price for a limited time, some offsale items may come back on sale for a limited time. This sale took place from May 27th - May 31th 2016. Down below is the sequence of events that happened during the sale.

Event Sequence

Memorial Day 2016 Announcement via Blog Post (START)

Former 'The Next Level' host Jack Hendrik (a.k.a. jackintheblox) made a blog post about the Annual Memorial Day sale weekend on May 26, 2016.

Free Hat, Workclock Headphones back onsale (DAY 1)

Roblox started Memorial Day 2016 with a free hat called the Roblox 'R' Baseball Cap. They also announced that the Workclock Headphones had came back onsale for a limited time.

Memorial Day Sale Secrets (DAY 1)

ROBLOX's "The Next Level" crew shared some secrets about the Memorial Day Sale.

The Retired Ticket Comeback (DAY 2)

ROBLOX brought back some offsale items that previously had a price of tickets. These included the Traffic Cone, Golden Crown and Take A Chance hats.

Sneaky Peek at Some New Items (DAY 2)

ROBLOX had shared a few new items via their Twitter, including Lady Liberty Headphones, Real Flaming Hot Stunnas and Plunger Swordpack.

Big Head? Or even Bigger Head? (DAY 3)

ROBLOX put the Bighead back on sale for 250 ROBUX, and if you needed an even bigger head they put the Biggerhead back on sale for 1,000 ROBUX

New Items Sneak Peek 2 (END)

ROBLOX shared two more items on the Memorial Day Sale; which were Guitar Backpack, and Mrs. Robot.

End Of Sale (May 31)

ROBLOX ended the Memorial Day 2016 sale on May 31, 2016.

People Involved In Event


ROBLOX mainly kept an up-to-date updates on their Twitter about the Memorial Day sales.

Jack Hendrik "jackintheblox"

Jack Hendrik created a blog post announcing the annual Memorial Day sale.

All users in Roblox!

Everyone did their things and bought a massive load of stuff from the Sale. Make sure your wardrobe isn't stuffed so much!