The Memorial Day Sale 2017 was a major sale that took place on the ROBLOX catalog from May 26, 2017 to May 29, 2017. One, two or more items came out in item 'waves'. Many people said that the sale was great, but people criticized the fact that only one classic item (an old off-sale item) came out instead of a lot of classic items.

Day 1 - Discount Day

Memorial Day Sale 2017 Day 1

Day 1 started off with discounts of four packages: Korblox Deathspeaker, The Overseer, Circuit Breaker and Skeleton. Four sets of wings were also given a discount: 8-Bit Wings, Butterfly Wings, Rainbow Wings and Wings of Freedom. Three more accessories were also given a discount: Flaming Mohawk, Cloak of the Flames and Sentient Hat. Bloxikin Horde also went back on sale for 2 days. To end off the day, two limiteds were released: Noob Attack: Golden Sword Gladiator and Noob Assist: Golden Shield Guardian as well as a new gear known as Winterfang: The Fateful. However, the two limiteds couldn't be re-sold to other players due to a glitch. This glitch was fixed in Day 2 of the sale.

Day 2 - Workclock Series back on-sale, items turning limited and more

Memorial Day Sale Day 2

Day 2 started with Workclock Headphones (3000 robux) and Workclock Shades (10,000 robux) coming back on sale for 24 hours; also, three items that were off sale became limited. These were the Dominus Praefectus, Scary Bombastic Hood and Purple Crystal Circlet. Then Starbling Beanie was released, priced at 5 robux. Roblox also tweeted about the fact that one of three items would become limited (Teal Sleeping Koala, Universal Fedora or Red Spikes of Victory) Throughout the day, items were released on their own instead of together which included a Fire and Ice Swordpack, a Ten Million Robux Man package, Chillin' Headrow, Shoulder Dragon, Glorious Eagle Wings, and Frozen Dragon Soul Hood & Burning Dragon Soul Hood both priced at 10,000 robux.

Day 3 - Antlers, hair accessories, crowns

Memorial Day Sale 2017 Day 3

Day 3 started off with new hair accessories, Red Dreamy hair, Blonde Popstar hair and Lilac Flower Princess Hair. Then, antlers came onsale, which were the Amethyst, Black Iron, Bluesteel, Bombastic and Blue 8-Bit. Three hats went limited, the Universal Fedora (500 robux), Overseer Guardia (75 robux), and Tee Vee (45 robux). New hats were also released, these included the Rainbow Omega Equinox Hat (100 robux), Clockwork Heartphones (10,000 robux), Two new animation packs, Pirate and Cartoony were released. Then, a few items were discounted. These items were: Korblox Mage Staff, Medieval Crown of Stone, Royal Crown (2,000 robux), Neon Party Crown (175 robux), and 8-Bit King Nate (100 robux).

Day 4 - New faces

Memorial Day Sale Day 4

New hats were released, which were Eternal Top Hat (150 robux), Red 8-Bit Bow tie (8 robux) Laser Spec Special Forces Goggles, Tiger Tail, Immortal Sword: Burning Embrace, Sapphire Riding Hat, Mr R. Accoon, esq., Musisca Messor (10,000 robux), and Golden Lamia Helm (500 robux). Two free items also came out, these were Pofesser Poopypants' Ray Gun and Captain Underpants Cape. Also, a new gear "Rocking Feline Guitar" was released. New limited faces came out: Green Amazeface, Blue Amazeface, Violet Amazeface and Rose Amazeface. Each were sold for 50 robux with 10,000 copies. Three hats went limited, they were Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People (95 robux), Take a Chance (88 robux) and Chill Cap (15 robux). Frenemy went on sale for 250 robux. Later, all wings, packages and other discount items went back to their normal price, along with a Press Hat (550 robux) being released. Clockwork Heartphones went offsale, and Bloxikin Horde received an update.