The old menu that existed in 2013-2014.


Resume game

This button exits in the menu and resumes the game.

Leave Game

This button makes the player exit the game, making the player disconnect from the server they were on, and firing the PlayerRemoving event. After clicking the button, there is another message to confirm if they want to leave.

Reset character

This button kills the user's character by setting their ExplorerImageIndex 9Humanoids health to 0, followed by respawning (if not disabled). Like the Leave Game button, there is a confirmation message when the user clicks the button. The hotkey is "R".

Shift Lock

This option will switch the cameras focus point from the player to the mouse when shift is pressed.

  • On: Will lock the mouse to the middle of the screen and shift the camera to the right, offsetting it..
  • Off: Will release the mouse and put the camera's focus on the player.

Camera Mode

This option will switch the camera mode between Follow, Classic, and Default(Classic).

  • Follow: will rotate with the player as the user walks to the left and right.
  • Classic: will attach to the player, and will not rotate as the user walks to the left and right.

Note: Any changing of the camera, like rotating the camera and zooming, will revert the camera mode back to classic.

Movement Mode

This option will switch the movement type between Keyboard, Keyboard + Mouse, and Click to Move.

Mouse Sensitivity

This option switches how fast the mouse moves. One bar being the slowest, and ten bars being the fastest.


This option changes how loud the volume is. One bar being the quietest, and ten bars being the loudest. No bars being mute.


This option toggles the game from fullscreen mode to windowed mode.

Graphics Mode

This option allows you to change the quality of the games graphics between Manual, and Automatic. Zero being the least detailed and fast while ten being the most detailed, but slow.

  • Manual: Allows the user to change the Graphics Quality slider.
  • Automatic: Automatically determines the best graphics quality based on the performance of the computer.

Graphics Quality

This option, as long as the graphics mode is set to manual, allows the user to adjust the graphics quality of the game. One bar is the lowest quality, and ten bars is the highest quality.



This category is for reporting any player or the game they're playing for breaking the rules. It displays three different fields which are Game or Player, Player, Type of Abuse, and a short description of what is being reported. When reporting a player the player field will become available and the user will need to select which player they want to report.



This category displays all the keybinds that ROBLOX uses.



This category allows the user to take a screenshot, and record a video and either upload it to YouTube, or save it on their computer.