• I live in the basement of my school's nursing building, dreaming of passing NCLEX...
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is a Figment of your imagination
  • I am highly caffeinated
Hi, you! Thanks for stopping by my message wall! Please leave a message below, and I will try to respond within 72 hours. My schedule makes it difficult for me to come onto the wiki regularly, so for ugent matters, such as a vandal attack, it's best to contact another administrator for a swifter response.

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Please remember:
  • I am NOT part of ROBLOX staff, and I do not work for ROBLOX. If you need to contact ROBLOX, you need to email them at
  • I CANNOT do anything about your ROBLOX ban, give you free Robux, or activate expired Promotional Codes.
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