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  • My occupation is roblox clothing designer
  • I am the letter H

Welcome to my message wall. ~ ✨
Here, you can leave messages for me to ask me things and such, or notify me of things that need to be reviewed/deleted/managed. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

I may reroute your message to an administrator to reply if it's more applicable.

Before you post here...

  • Looking for general editing help? Try looking in the help section first, or asking on the wiki discussion board.
  • Have questions about wiki policy or editing guidelines? See our policies & guidelines page along with our style guide.
  • Vandalism notifications may be better suited for an administrator, as most result in blocks and I cannot block.
  • If your post is just something short and pointless, please don't post it- I don't need unnecessary notifications. Have a useful purpose to your message, or simply add some description.
  • If you're on our Discord and verified, and I'm online, any notices may be received and managed faster if you notify me there.


  • I am NOT part of Roblox staff- I do not work for Roblox.
    • This means I cannot manage your account ban, give you free stuff, etc. nor can any of the other wiki admins or staff.
    • If you need to contact ROBLOX, you must e-mail or use their support form
  • I am a content mod, not an admin. I cannot block users nor grant approval for rights requests. Please contact an admin instead for these types of requests.

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