This article is for the place type, Minigames. For the minigames playable when ROBLOX was released, but no longer playable now, click here.

Minigames are a place type made by free models, in which the player has to compete against players in games made by the creator. Minigames can be free models, used by the templates, or originally scripted. They can be a survive minigame, a swordfight, a team swordfight, or a race.

Notable Minigame Places

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Epic Minigames

Epic MInigames have been very new. The minigames are not free-modeled.The main lobby looks a lot like Deathrun's.

Multi Minigames

Multi Minigames have minigames that most were originally scripted.

Nintendo Minigames

Minigames that are based off video games. It was originally made by MARIOSTAR6464 and was copied by MechaWaffles.

Minigame Mania

This type of minigame is where the lobby is on a ship, and there is a crane game. Most places that copied it use the free model.