Moana was a developer-made and sponsored event that took place during November 2016 up until the release of the movie. Hence the name Moana Sponsor, it is focused on Disney's Moana film. The event game, Island Adventure was made by the Elite Builders Of Robloxia group. There were three items up for grabs during the event along with three Free catalog items which are down below. Once all three prizes were obtained, users were teleported to a specific hangout, and will always be re-directed there if they have all the prizes and joined the game. It starts November 12nd, 2016 to November 23rd, 2016.


Name Game Image Objective
Moana Headphones Island Adventure
Moana Headphones
Talk to Allie to start the quest. Retrieve the spear on the Forgotten Island by going on a boat and facing an obstacle course to get to there. Once you have it, go back on your boat to home island. After talking to Allie, travel to Rocky Island and get to the King Beetle boss, and beat him to earn the prize!
Moana Hat Island Adventure
Moana Hat
Talk to Allie after defeating King Beetle. Then go to the Water Temple on the home island, and do numerous puzzles to unlock the second hall. There are more puzzles to complete to open the door to the ancient rune. Once you obtain it, go back to Allie and talk to her to earn the prize!
Heihei Island Adventure
Talk to Allie after giving back the ancient rune. Next, travel to the Mountain Island, and climb up the mountain using the grapple hook. Once at the top, complete a riddle underneath the mountain, and then talk with Allie again to win the prize!

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Moana Backpack
Moana Backpack
Moana's Paddle
Moana’s Paddle