The information on this page is outdated and needs to be updated.
The Account page gives you control over your own account, such as changing your password or Verifying your email. Also, this is where you edit your Blurb. It is used for changes within your Roblox account and features five components: Account Info, Security, Privacy, Billing, and Notifications. All of which are sections that can make minor or major edits to your account.
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The Account page, giving you control over your account


Your information


The "Age Up" feature was released in April 2012, which allows users to set their gender and birth date. Changing your birth day requires a parental approval, and a request to change your birth date will be sent to the account's e-mail address.

Users who update their birth day to an age under 13 will be set to super-safe-chat, unless told otherwise.

Read the news article here.

Select your theme

Main article: Website Themes

Themes change the way the website looks. For example, the Outrageous theme (only for Outrageous Builders Club members) is a crazy black, where as the other theme is blue. The ROBLOX 3.0 theme is free to all users. Previously, ROBLOX 1.0 and 2.0 were available, but were removed.

Change your password

This link brings you to a page where you can change your password. Remember to have a hard to guess password. My password is a random string of 24 numbers and letters. While that may be a little much it means my account is really safe. You should try to make your password strong with numbers and letters, and not a common name or word people use for passwords. "Password" is not a good password. "sdfghjkl15426" might be hard to guess, but it will also be really hard to remember. Find something that works for you. Learn about password security here.

A note about account security

You'll see it all over Roblox and repeated by the moderators a lot. Do not ever share your password with anyone else. Why? Simple, when you share your password with someone you are giving them full access to your account to do anything they want to it. Deleting all your hats, spending all your money and deleting all of your places are the least of the things they can do. They can spam the forums and get your account banned. Even cancel your Builder's Club. It is never a good idea to share your password. Even with people you trust.

Update your email address

If you haven't verified your email yet, you can do it right here. Read over here for a tutorial on how to verify. You get a free hat!

Updating your email address allows you to change it, for example if you change internet providers. You need to give your password when changing the email to prevent your account from being stolen if you forget to log out somewhere. Your email will not be shared with the public.


This big box is where you can edit your profile Blurb. This is your space to tell about yourself. Write a little information, like that you're a scripter and a builder, or new to Roblox, or if you've been around a while. One thing you should not do is give any information that reveals who you are in real life. Real life and Roblox life are two different worlds, don't link the two. Giving out personal information could result in a ban of your account.


This section of your Account page is for setting your privacy. You can set whether you want to receive private messages, want people to follow you, want people to chat to you and other things.