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The My Home section, found by clicking on the Home button at the top of the ROBLOX website, is the default page for when you log in. It features links to recent ROBLOX news articles, a feed for status updates from groups you have joined, a link to your recently played games, and more.

Character and NotificationsBest FriendsUpdate StatusFeedRecently Played GamesConnect your account to Facebook!Home Subpage

Character and Notifications

On the far left of the page there is a picture of your character. Your avatar can be edited by going to the Character tab.Underneath, there is a link to your system notifications, which include updates from ROBLOX sent out to the entire playerbase.
Avatar Notifications

A picture of your character with system notifications beneath it.

Best Friends

Underneath of your avatar and notification box is your best friends list. Here you can see what your best friends are doing (from their shout box) and whether or not they're online.
Best Friends

This a list of your best friends and their most recent shouts!

Status Update

You can use this so that people who visit your profile can see what you're up to.
Status Update

This is the status update bar. People who have you as their best friend will see it on their home!


Your feed is in the center of the page, just beneath your status update box. Your feed is a way to keep you updated with all of your groups. Every time someone uses the shout box in one of your groups, you're updated here!
Feed bar

This is for your feed—all of your groups' shouts go here.

Recently Played Games

On the far right is the 'Recently Played Games' box. Your most recently played games can be seen here. If you want a larger list, you can click the See More button.
Recently Played Games

This is a list of your most recently played games.

Facebook Connect

On the far right, underneath of the 'Recently Played Games' box is the Facebook connect box. If you have a Facebook account, you can link it to your ROBLOX account! See connecting your account to Facebook for more info.
FacebookConnect Unconnected

Facebook connect. You can use this to link your Facebook account to your ROBLOX account! Your personal info will not be shared with other users!