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The Money page keeps record of all account transactions and allows the user to view said transactions immediately after it has processed.

The Page

The My Money page is divided up into five basic tabs. Through these five tabs you will be able to access a list of all transactions completed by your account, a summary of your robux and tickets income for up to the past year, access the trade currency, access the ROBLOX Trade system, and profit from ROBLOX Promotions.

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My Transactions Tab

Pictured, we see the My Transactions tab of a user where we can see the user has recently purchased various items from ROBLOX. We can view the price of the items, the date they were purchased, and which user the items were purchased from. The My Transactions tab features a "Transaction Type" drop down menu that allows you to toggle through Purchases, Sales, and Commissions. Under the Sales option of this menu, we see a page similar to the Purchases option. The Sales option allows us to view items you have sold to other users. Moving from right to left we can see the amount that item was sold for, a description of the sale, the user who purchased your item, and the date that the transaction took place. The third and final option in the Transaction Type drop down menu is Commissions, which is most similar to the Sales option, however this page shows the sales, or commissions, you receive when an item is sold from one of your places. The layout remains constant, with the price of the item on the far right, a description of the transaction, the user who purchased the item, and the date the transaction took place.


The Summary page is where you will find all of the information pertaining to the money you have made any time in the past year. You will find the ROBUX column to be on the left, and the ticket column on the right. The ROBUX column includes information on:

  • Builders Club Stipend — The amount of money gained daily by Builders Club members, either 15, 35 (TBC), or 60 (OBC). The Builders Club Stipend is an additional reward from the Loyalty program.
  • Sale of goods — Amount made from the sale of clothes, such as T-Shirts.
  • Currency Purchase — Buying or redeeming a card for Robux.
  • Trade System Trades — Money earned by using the Trade System for trading limiteds and ROBUX with an another person.
  • Promoted Page Conversion Revenue - Bonus when you share URL with your friends.
  • Game Page Conversion Revenue - Bonus when a visitor signup and buy items.
  • Pending Sales — Money from sources such as game passes or developer products. Before being awarded with these Robux, they are held for a short period of time. This is an anti-scam measure meant to help mitigate damage from fraudulent products.
  • Group Payouts - Amount of money earned from groups.

In the Tickets column you will find:

  • Login Award — 10 Tickets are awarded each day for visiting the site, regardless of membership status.
  • Place Traffic Award — 1 Ticket is awarded each time a player visits one of your games.
  • Sale of Goods/Pending Sales — Same as in the Robux column.
  • Group Payouts - Amount of tickets earned from groups.

The Summary tab features a "Time Period" drop down menu, where you can toggle through the period of time you wish to see an income summary for. You can choose past day, week, month, or year.

Trade Currency

Main article: RoblEX

Trade Items

Main article: Trading System


The promotion tab shows the data how much you earn for your link. See Also

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