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NBC Shirt Creators is a clothing company owned by a user called iM_BoOsTeD2. The group currently holds over 50K members (as of December 31st, 2016). People who join this group can upload clothing, regardless of their membership status. This group has since been deleted mainly because of this group being used to copy lots of shirts and also due to it letting Non Builders Club members to make shirts.

Example Shirt

An example shirt of this images


  • Some many users copied and stole a shirt they want to get some shirt and pants without earning a ROBUX, they got copied.
  • They've also used a website called Roblox Asset Downloader.
  • The website use the shirt and pants id for a number when subtracting them.(for example 8235802 - 1 = 8235801 from website. Click here)

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