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NBC Shirt Creators is a controversial brand of clothing companies all owned by different users (the main group's owner being iM_BoOsTeD2). As of January 2018, the main group currently holds over 80K members. People who join this group could upload clothing, regardless of their membership status. However, this feature was removed in a roblox update making groups like NBC Shirt Creators useless.


One of the many reason the feature to create shirt on groups as NBCs was removed was because many new players would copy a clothing's template and reupload it on the group getting it for free and wouldn't buy robux. Plus, anyone who would buy clothes at the price the uploader put would give the group robux instead of the original creator.

Name changing incident

On an unknown date, the NBC Shirt Creators group were given the opportunity to change their name. However, the name they changed it to targetted and slandered another small group, causing Roblox admins to delete the NBC Shirt Creators group entirely. Since then, Roblox has not allowed another group to change their name.