Noble Blade (N.B.) is a ROBLOX super clan originally formed by jlcompton89. Being one of the largest war clans known to ROBLOX, its member peak is 15,000. N.B. has experienced 2 leaders since its creation, and is currently led by Lametta.



  • Noble King- jlcompton89
  • Second in Command- VisualShades

Noble Blade was created by jlcompton89 in early 2010. There were 4 primary bases at the time: Fort Bellator, Fort Silce, Fort Gladius, and Fort Elias. The clan always enjoyed victory in their endeavors, and when the clan was started many wars soon commenced with many clans such as John's Cobras, WIJ, The First Encounter Assault Recon, The Robloxian Assault Team, The Sky Clan of ROBLOX, United Clan of ROBLOX. NB had approximately 10,000 members at this time. After these great victories, events had went on and Noble Blade since then until present, Noble Blade is regarded as one of the most influential clans of all time.


  • Noble King- Lametta
  • Second in Command- DemiseReborn

Lametta has recently got the group, and has planned on reforming and re-structuring the clan. With the return of many old faces in support of reviving the clan, the process will be faster. So far, Lametta has introduced new High Ranks to the clan. Upon the throne of Noble King being given to Lametta, NB entered a war against new clans NB had never clashed with, such as TCI, EL, and APN. Noble Blade being themselves, destroyed TCI and EL. In a great happiness within Noble Blade, Lametta's term had been going great. Later on, NB had officially transformed into a gun clan waged war on APN which ended with a victory in the Blade's favor and an alliance had been formed between the two clans. This was a great success. After this war, Noble Blade had began to die out. Members began to grown inactive and took NB into the sad stage of activity we are in currently. Although there has been small attempts here and there to make a revival happen, it just didn't. But in early 2016, Lametta made an official announcement of a return, which has took a turn for the good.


Divisions are held by Noble King Lametta, but led by the highest rank in the division.

Noble Blade Royals


Led By Noble King Lametta

Essentially the "Royal Family" of Noble Blade. This division holds no true meaning, and is for titles of the members of NB. The only entrance to the Royals is by being invited by the Noble King himself.

Noble Blade Elite Division

NB purple

Led by Duke williamis3

A specialist team of people that are specially handpicked among Noble Blade members. Elites are considered to be the most skilled members of the clan and are Noble Blade's primary raid, defence and scrimmage team. In order to get in, you have to be recommended by a high-ranking elite for entry or attend a tryout for the specific division.

Noble Blade Elite Special Forces


Led by Duke uaf_flaminquo

The Elite Special Forces of Noble Blade are mobilized only during times of war. They perform special raids and scouting missions on enemies in order to identify weakness and create strategic plans for the main Noble Blade members. They are known as the most efficient, effective members on the fields of battle. Entry is classified.

Noble Blade Future Division

NB white

Led by Duke Default_System

This is the technology division. These are the brilliant minds of Noble Blade all work together here to build a brighter future for the Noble Blade members and future generations of Noble Blade. This involves scripters, builders, coders, and much more. To join this division, submit your work to Default_System for review!


  • Fort Bellator - jlcompton89
  • Fort Silce - jlcompton89
  • Fort Gladius - jlcompton89
  • Fort Elias - jlcompton89
  • Fort Audax - Lametta
  • Fort Maylum - Lametta


  • JC [jlcompton89]
  • WIJ [jlcompton89]
  • UCR [jlcompton89]
  • FEAR [jlcompton89]
  • RAT [jlcompton89]
  • SCR [jlcompton89]
  • TCI [Lametta]
  • EL [Lametta]
  • APN [Lametta]

Interesting Facts

  • Noble Blade was founded in 2010.
  • Noble Blade used to have 9 different colors of uniform.