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A recent "Noob" appearance, added in 2014 Mid.

Noob (also spelled n00b, nub, or newb) is an internet reference to a new user, and a common term on ROBLOX. Although "noob" is typically defined as a new or inexperienced user, many users on ROBLOX use the word "noob" as a general insult, often regardless of the actual skill or experience of the target. Players usually use "noob" when they are irritated, annoyed, upset, angry, to mock another player, or if they win against someone else, which is mostly a product of the chat censorship system.

The word, "noob" is partly not synonymous with "newbie" in the ROBLOX community. "Newbie" refers to a new or inexperienced user and has a mostly neutral connotation. However, "noob" is generally used with a negative connotation.


Most users associated with being a "noob" usually wear the default, generic outfit.

With the July 2014 update, new users were given a generic shirt, dark green jeans, a light grey body, the "Smile" face, and the 3.0 version of the male/female packages, but male users are given Pal Hair instead of 3.0 hair, and without the 3.0 faces. Users think that the reason 3.0 faces aren't given to them are because new users may think ROBLOX is a realistic site, ignoring the gaming aspects. By 2016, new male users are given the ROBLOX Boy package, while new female users are given the ROBLOX Girl package. A short time after tickets removal, a rare glitch would occur where a player would start with no items and have the same colors as their randomly generated torso colors. New players now sometimes have R15 enabled when they make their account.

Outdated default avatars

A traditional "noob" look included a blue torso, green leg limbs, and yellow head and arms. This was the default look for all new users' avatars from 2006 to 2011. Characters which delay to load used to display the traditional noob look, but was replaced with a medium-grey color that covered the whole body. An update in 2011 changed the default appearance of a new user's avatar; these ROBLOXians would usually start out with a randomly colored torso, gray limbs, and either the male or female 1.0 packages.

With the option for players to select a gender for their account came changes to the default "noob" look. The avatars for new users that chose male avatars had a Red Roblox Cap as their default hat. Female avatars came with the Pinktastic Hair that comes along with the 1.0 ROBLOX Girl package.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Some users dress as the old 2011 style "noob" to trick other users into thinking they are newbies.
  • Noobs used to have a different default face in 2006, which looked similar but distinct from today's default face.
  • Though male accounts created in or after July 2014 will receive the Pal Hair for free, accounts created before July 2014 have to buy the hair for ROBUX90.
  • A notable fashion trend includes dressing with the 2006–2011 "noob" look and an expensive limited hat, such as a Dominus.
  • The majority of the people of ROBLOX ironically take the 2006 "noob" as the general "noob".
  • A common error is that some people think that people who signed up after 2010 are noobs. This is not true as a person's status as a "noob" is not determined by what date they joined, but by how long they have played and how experienced they are.
  • The present-day noob is wearing the 3.0 package, but technically doesn't have the package; this is because they don't have the all the items in this package.
  • For some reason, noobs typically seem to friend request everyone on the server.
  • They also tend to friend request players who looks rich, as noobs often want ROBUX being donated to them.


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