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The Obby (by nastyahmede)


The Super Mega Fun Obstacle Course, One of the most famous obstacle courses by SinisterAlex

An obstacle course (or Obby for short) is one of the most common types of games on ROBLOX. It is a game where you must pass through many different obstacles to win the game. At the end of the obstacle course, there will always be a "Winner's Room" containing several tools. This room can hold many different types of tools, but navigation enhancers such as paths are the most common. Some places have combat tools and/or planes. It is common place for winners to abuse the tools by attacking players attempting to complete the course, or to help them go to the winners.

An obstacle course is an easily made game, which has been re-made thousands of times. ROBLOX has even made a game template based off of this type of game. In most cases, an obstacle course will be on the front page, for at least a day. Obstacle course creators have been known to be spammed and/or flamed due to their (possibly constant) abuse of free models.

Recently, Builders Club members have been creating obbies which award Admin, ROBUX, or Tix, which many players believe is a scam because it is not possible to obtain ROBUX or Tix in-game. These types of obbies are commonly built with the stamper tool, and there is usually only one spawn location. Common obstacles that appear in Admin/ROBUX obbies include spike jumps and "water jumps". These types of games began to spawn around 2013, and were commonly seen on the front page until BC games were removed from the front page. Some of these games even have a maintenance GUI trying to steal the player's account.

Common Reoccuring Obstacles

Obstacles that occur in the majority of the obstacle courses include:

  • Lava Jumps/Checkers
  • Tightropes
  • Platform Jumps
  • Mazes
  • A very long path
  • Laser Jumps
  • Pit Jumping
  • Choose a Path
  • Ball jumps
  • Choose a door (if you go though the wrong one you die)


  • Winners often use paths to make other people either win or lose.
  • Paths, Superjump, Ice Shard (formerly) and Teleport are some of the most common tools at a Winner's Room.
    • Superjump and Teleport are often in old places nowadays, however, thanks to ROBLOX updates breaking them. Paths still work, however.
  • Paths come in many different types such as fire path, ice path or rainbow path.
  • Due to a late update in 2012, most people find it extremely hard to overcome the "Invisible Path" obstacle, because they mainly click to move across the Invisible bricks.
  • In some obbies you have to pass to join a group in you might have to do question doors which let you through if you answer the question through chat correctly, complex stages and melee stages are common as well in group obstacle courses.

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