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B1tsh1ft discussing his termination from the ROBLOX Corporation

The October 24 Twitch incident was an occurrence that ultimately resulted in the termination of several administrators.

Shortly after ending one segment of the 24 Hour Extra Life event on Twitch, the administrators turned off the camera but unintentionally left the microphones on. This resulted in the recording and broadcasting of their discussions to Twitch. The Twitch recording included extreme obscenities and disrespectful remarks about ROBLOX.

After being recorded and uploaded to YouTube, ROBLOX tried to sweep the incident under the rug by filing copyright claims to videos exposing them. The videos may have not fallen under proper fair use laws, which allowed them to claim the videos. (ex:

In a Twitch interview with David Baszucki, it was learned that some administrators were terminated from the company for violating ROBLOX's core values. JacksSmirkingRevenge and B1tsh1ft are known to have been terminated within days of what occurred during the livestream, though it cannot be concluded that they were terminated due to the Livestream itself.

For many days and weeks after the incident, the October 24th Twitch Incident was common discussion in all sections of the forums, with some threads asking to re-hire the administrators appearing on Suggestions & Ideas. There is much disagreement within the ROBLOX community as to whether terminating these administrators was fair.

Their main accounts can still be found on ROBLOX today. They weren't terminated though as ROBLOX said.




  • The audio of the incident can still be found on YouTube "warning strong profanity"

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