Off Topic (OT) was one of four Roblox subforums. It was intended to contain off-topic posts and to be a hub for posts that don't fit any other sub-forum’s rules.

OT was merged with the Roblox Talk (RT) and All Things ROBLOX (ATR) sub-forums on July 27, 2017, which sparked a mass outrage across the entire forum.


The Off Topic subforum was known widely as one of the most controversial subforums. Drama happened next to every day, along with private pictures of OTers (people who used Off Topic) being leaked as well.

Forum Merge

On July 27th, 2017, a forum merge occurred which merged/deleted numerous subforums off of the ROBLOX forums. This caused mass outcry on Off Topic especially, as many would start to spam the forums begging for the admins to not remove/merge Off Topic. Many OTers went to RN&D and Clans and Guilds, however many quit as well.


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  • Off Topic was the subforum with the second most posts, just behind Let's Make a Deal.
  • Off Topic was commonly considered the most toxic subforum, as well as the most controversial.
  • People who posted on Off Topic were known as "OTers".
  • Many OT Parties were hosted by different OTers, which were games where numerous OTers got together and played.