The Official Model Maker badge is a badge which can be obtained by having one of the user's models being endorsed by the ROBLOX staff. However, users will have to be in the RBXDev program in order for the user's model/models to be approved. In order for the ROBLOX staff to approve a model to be endorsed, a user must follow the following criteria:
  • The model must work with FilteringEnabled.
  • The model should look professional and well-designed (ex. using solid modeling).
  • The model should be intractable and unanchored.
  • The model must not copy other models or use copyrighted material.
  • The scripts must be commented on heavily.


"This badge is awarded to players whose creations are so awesome, ROBLOX endorsed them. Owners of this badge probably have great scripting and building skills."


Currently, 48 users have obtained the badge so far, mostly popular players. The following is a list of all of the players who have obtained the Official Model Maker badge:

  • Quenty
  • UristMcSparks
  • NWSpacek
  • CodeWrighter (formerly WrightRacer3n)
  • Aurarus
  • Mr_Root (formerly rootx)
  • EndorsedModel (formerly 101PILOT)
  • Crykee
  • leates
  • RBXKyle
  • DataSynchronized
  • DataBrain
  • Gusmanak
  • Defaultio
  • Sharksie (formerly ArceusInator)
  • gkku
  • Carollicious
  • Keyrut
  • RBX_Lua (formerly Emporerj)
  • x_o (formerly DarmonDarble)
  • SirDouglasTheScholar
  • ScriptOn
  • Persodian
  • Luckymaxer
  • MunimR
  • radiogamer
  • HawaiianSnowman (formerly masterbeyblade21)
  • Capones (formerly Bakers)
  • Yourius (formerly RangeMeludE)
  • SmoothBlockModel
  • Mister_Mystery (formerly AdmiralLennox)
  • og_og (formerly DeviousDeviation)
  • asimo3089
  • X_0 (formerly Stratobloxxer)
  • alertcoderf
  • CloudAffect
  • Maelstronomer
  • Zomebody
  • kni0002
  • cornholio234
  • TigerCode
  • NonstopEpic
  • Morellos (formerly DrBigWallet)
  • Havemeat
  • KnightStudio (formerly Kisa97)
  • ChildofGiotto
  • duncan778 (terminated)
  • googoo900

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