[Original] Deal or No Deal is a video game based upon the television show Deal or No Deal. It has been released for the PC.

Gameplay Edit

A player is randomly chosen to be Simon, If he is chosen he has a choice to pick yes or no. If he picks yes, He is asked by the host if he knows how to play. If he picks no the host will teach him how to play. If the player refuses to play then another player is randomly selected.

In the start the user must pick a "case" that is held by Notable Robloxians. The Game Features Notable Robloxians such as Matt Dusek, Fleskjertha, JJ5X5 and many more. These cases supposedly contain large quantities of money.

The user must continuously pick cases, After time the Banker will call the host and will offer the player money. The player can say "Deal" or "No deal". If the Player says "Deal" Then he receives the money, If he says "No deal" However. The game will continue.

Once there is one case left in the bleachers, The host gives the player a choice to swap the cases or keep the money.

Reception Edit

On the first few Months of the Games Release. The game was positively accepted by the Community. But after a few users the game would get lost in the shuffle and loose it's Popularity. Very little play it to this day. Most of the people who still play this game are usually new players. Who often down vote it after trying out the game for barely a minute.

During its prime the game was a common topic in the Forums. It soon died off after lack of updates, lack of players and after the creator stopped advertising. The game is often targeted for exploiting nowadays due to its poor security.