Orion Offensive, or OO, is a large clan on ROBLOX that was founded in July 2015. It become a well known clan fairly quickly because of how fast it grew in members. After the group started recruiting in August, they had 10,000 members just around a week or so later. The group was founded by Exterity, yelm(now budgers), and S28TheGreat(now huuds).


Exterity's 1st reign

Orion Offensive was founded on 7/23/15. The founders, Exterity, S28TheGreat, Budgers and NotcepS, were all close friends who came from different clans and were looking to do something new. They brainstormed many ideas, and eventually settled on making a space themed clan and decided to base it off of the Orion's Guard hat, which, early on, was actually the group's official hat. By a couple months later, the group was well on it's way to being out of development and were massively recruiting. After a couple weeks of just trainings and raids, the group entered their first war with a lesser known clan known as Arcane Insurgency, The conflict sparked when OO raided AI and were heavily admin abused by a high rank. Things became even worse when huuds attempted to speak with AI's leader, VaIoric, about the issue. VaIoric would not handle the issue in the way that huuds wanted him to, and issues arose. War was declared, AI accepted, and they had lost and surrendered within a day. This was a big win for OO, not just because it was the first victory, but because it was a crushing defeat for the enemy.

After this war, the High Command of Orion Offensive decided they should find another and prepare for it. The next war basically came to them, when an Orion Offensive High Rank, Allyrion, noticed that Orion Offensive members were being sent recruitment messages by a group known as Gallantry.. Allyrion went to their base and told them to stop sending these recruitment messages, to which they laughed at him and told him to "do something about it". After this issue, Gallantry was at the top of the list when Orion Offensive needed a group to war. They raided them one day a couple weeks after the original incident and flawlessly won. Following this victory, Gallantry's appointed leader, Raidengale, asked OO for a war. Exterity accepted, and war began a couple days later. On the first day of the war, OO raided three times and won each raid. The next day, Raidengale admitted defeat and surrendered to OO, giving them another war victory.

Only a couple of days following this, OO entered war with The Clockwork Corporation. This war was probably the hardest war OO had seen yet. The war was supposed to last a week, but after OO felt as if Clocksmith, TCC's leader, was ruining the war by breaking war terms and admin abusing, they ended the conflict and claimed an unconditional victory which they backed up with a forum thread and a slideshow containing evidence of unfair play from TCC. This war was later declared as a tie.

After the TCC war ended, OO was getting more and more recognition throughout the clan world, and even being recognized as a top 10 clan by some. They also started getting back into development and worked on releasing their new fort.

In December of 2015, Exterity handed over the group to notceps, after he decided he would not be active enough to lead it himself.

notceps's term

notceps was decided as the new Diadact of Orion Offensive in December of 2015 after Exterity was not active enough to lead it. Exterity first asked huuds and budgers, but huuds did not feel ready to lead the group and budgers was inactive due to being away at the time. In his reign, nothing really changed in the group itself. notceps didn't make many changes with OO, and basically kept it as it was in Exterity's reign. Some were critical of notceps leadership, saying he was more fit to be a member of the high command.

Early on in notceps's reign, Exterity returned as a Senate member, feeling bad for leaving his group and putting it in what some would say was a bad state. Soon after his return, he declared war on Fleetcom, The Chivalrous Dominion and Stratus in three separate wars. Fleetcom declined, and OO quickly defeated Stratus and TCD. Soon after this, a much bigger war started: REDFOR vs. BLUFOR. The war was a massive coalition war of all of the powerful clans of the day. Orion Offensive was on the Redfor side. Sometime during this conflict, Exterity, feeling he needed to be leading the group again, asked for it back from notceps.

Exterity's 2nd term

During the coalition war, Exterity decided to take back OO. The war lasted REDFOR gaining a major win and OO getting many offensive victories. REDFOR gained 100 wins against BLUFOR, and Orion Offensive contributed to many of those wins.

Following this war, Urban Assault Forces then declared war on OO, but it didn't happen because of negotiation issues regarding Stonecarve, UAF's base at the time. Although this war did not happen, a big rivalry between UAF and OO came out of it, one that has existed ever since. Later on, OO declared war on both UAF and RSF. UAF declined the war due to an ongoing conflict with The Chivalrous Dominion, but RSF accepted the war. OO won quickly and decisively, with a 12-0 final war score.

After the RSF conflict ended, OO took a break from wars to fix some internal problems.This break was short lived, as not long after, FEAR declared war on Orion Offensive. This war was thought of by many to be one that was going to be large, as FEAR had recently revived and was rallying numbers that were, at the time, even bigger to what OO was rallying (which was considered to be very active as well). This war was negotiated for a few weeks, but things were becoming very tense, and it was looking like the war was not going to happen. Soon after, FEAR pulled out of negotiations. Some hold this conflict against Orion Offensive, as they think that they lost the "pre-war", but this claim can be argued by the fact that the majority of FEAR's pre-war raids were losses, and OO won more of their attempts than FEAR did, and raided significantly less due to constant attacks by FEAR forces.

After the war with FEAR was considered to be a failure, Orion Offensive took yet another break from wars. This break ended after a bit, and Orion Offensive wanted another war. They had recently allied Sleet Clan, and wished to try to war FEAR again, but with their new ally. They declared war on FEAR and TCD. TCD accepted this war and was willing to negotiate, but FEAR felt OO was being cowardly (warring them with allies) even though FEAR were the ones who ended negotiations in the last war. After this war failed, OO looked to war The Robloxian Army, but that war was declined due to TRA declining in activity.

Following this, Exterity had to leave due to exams, and ForgedVoid left OO, feeling tired of it and wanting a new experience elsewhere. With these two gone and the other members of the Senate (Budgers and huuds) inactive, Orion Offensive had no real leadership and fell inactive for a bit. Federation of Arcadia, led by DystraTala, declared war on them during this period. They did not know of OO's state of inactivity, and opted not to war them as they wanted something more challenging, and an inactive OO was likely not going to offer that to them.

Orion Offensive had fallen inactive, in perhaps it's worst state since it's founding. The group was left with one active Senate member, the newly appointed WizardlyShaadow. huuds had quit ROBLOX, and budgers was inactive. huuds then decided he would not quit, but rather come back at the start of Summer. The group was basically left to be led by WizardlyShadow and the remaining Successors (hulkraz and Allyrion). This untested leadership struggled immensely, not prepared to lead the group or deal with all of the issues present in Orion Offensive at the time. The group continued on with defenses and trainings, but did not accomplish much during this period, as they awaited the return of Exterity and huuds.

As May ended, huuds and Exterity were becoming more active. huuds, seeing the state of the group, quickly got to work in fixing activity. He promoted many new High Ranks and put reforms into place. Remaining High Ranks were also rewarded for their dedication, and in doing so, were given a reason to remain active. They got back to working for the group, and group events were once again a regular thing in the group. OO was considered fixed, and was also ready for war once again. They accepted a war declared on them while they were inactive, which was declared by The Chivalrous Dominion (a past and frequent enemy), and The Nighthawk Imperium. Orion Offensive, showcasing their once again stellar activity and strength, were able to obtain multiple victories at both group's forts. However, the war did not happen due to negotiation issues. These issues came when TCD/TNI picked people who OO had issues with to negotiate war terms. Negotiating became very tense and hostile, and the war had failed. This hurt OO morale, and in turn, activity (which was considered to be the best OO had ever had).

After achieving nothing in looking for wars and most clans not wanting to war OO, activity was not at the level it once was. The group was not inactive at all, but showcased regular clan activity, rather than the amazing activity it showcased previously. Since huuds and many others did not see war as an option at the time, the group worked on putting out new technology out for it's one year anniversary.

Budgers had seemingly quit for the final time, and this new technology did not come out. High Ranks lost motivation, and OO was once again in a state of decline. Exterity could not be as active as he once was, and the rest of the high command was disappointed with recent events, and because of this, seemingly more interested in other endeavors. By mid-August, huuds and budgers had quit, with both becoming bored of ROBLOX and stressed out because of all the work needed for them to do. Activity was at a record low for a couple of weeks. Then, the remaining High Command sought to take action. They decided war was necessary, and looked to do a 2v2 war with their longtime allies, Arcerian Regime. Eventually, they decided on warring the group of Tad's Cobras and the X-101st Legion. This war was a quick and easy victory, with X-101st not putting up much of a fight, and Tad's Cobras being outmatched by the forces of OO and AcR.

Although this war left Orion Offensive with some activity, it was decided that it would be better to temporarily close the group since it had lost the resources it needed to function. budgers, who was once the head of technology, had not logged on in a month. Exterity decided that OO should move to another group for the time being, one that would be easier to manage. It was decided that they would move to a new group known as Orion Operatives. This decision was not very popular among group members, with many people choosing not to continue on in the new group.

Return under Exterity

Orion Operatives had failed, with the High Command put in charge of it and Exterity going inactive and leaving it in a state of neglect. Secret conversations took place between huuds and Exterity in November of 2016, and Exterity convinced huuds to return. Together, they quietly made plans to revive the original Orion Offensive. huuds began work on FOB Rhodes 2, and the two selected their High Command.

By February of 2017, FOB Rhodes 2 was done, and the High Command wanted to test group activity. They announced the opening of the fort, and 30 people (both group members and people of the clan community) showed up to see the fort. Exterity was impressed with this activity, and decided to continue group events. They allied with AcR once again, and began an alliance with John's Cobras. Events were once again occurring, including raids against groups like UCR, TRA, FEAR and SC, and numerous defenses. JC and OO even tried to war a few groups together, however their wars were declined. Even though OO had a spark of activity, feeling there was not much to do in it's current state, the group went inactive to finish development.

In March of 2017, something happened that changed the landscape of OO: the return of budgers. After not logging in for many months, budgers returned to ROBLOX, and decided to also return to OO and help the group develop.






Enemy Leader

October 2015 _Arcane Insurgency Orion Offensive Victory Exterity VaIoric
November 2015 Gallantry + Combat Assault Team Orion Offensive Victory Exterity Raidengale(Gallantry)


November 2015 The Clockwork Corporation Tie Exterity CIocksmith
December 2015 STRATUS Orion Offensive Victory Exterity Vaqxination
December 2015 The Chivalrous Dominion Orion Offensive Victory Exterity LordKroxon
January 2016 BLUFOR Coalition Orion Offensive (REDFOR) Victory notceps/Exterity TAC69(TRA)





(many more)

February 2016 RSF Orion Offensive Victory Exterity fruitbox


September 2016 Tad's Cobras +

X-101st Legion Main Army

Orion Offensive Victory Exterity tadcool(TC)


Overall Record: 7-0-1

Win Percentage: 87.5%

Wars that did not occur:

  • Orion Offensive vs. F O R C E and Recideum Shock Troopers (November 2015)
    • Reason: RST in a war, F O R C E declined
  • Orion Offensive vs. Resade Shock Troopers (November 2015)
    • Reason: No official statement made by OO, RST shutdown soon after declaring
  • Orion Offensive vs. Frost Clan (December 2015)
    • Reason: OO backed out prior to war starting
  • Orion Offensive vs. Urban Assault Forces (January 2016)
    • Reason: Issues with negotiating UAF base changes
  • Orion Offensive vs. Urban Assault Forces (February 2016)
    • Reason: UAF pre-occupied with ongoing TCD conflict
  • Orion Offensive vs.The First Encounter Assault Recon (March 2016)
    • Reason: Alianor/Rhodes base changes could not be negotiated, worries of FEAR paying mercenaries prior to the war starting
  • Orion Offensive and Sleet Clan vs. The Chivalrous Dominion and The First Encounter Assault Recon (March 2016)
    • Reason: Issues with negotiating/FEAR declined
  • Orion Offensive vs. The Robloxian Army (April 2016)
    • Reason: TRA inactivity
  • Orion Offensive vs. Federation of Arcadia (April 2016)
    • Reason: OO declined (inactivity)
  • Orion Offensive vs. The Chivalrous Dominion and The Nighthawk Imperium (June 2016)
    • Reason: Negotiation issues
  • Orion Offensive and John's Cobras vs. The First Encounter Assault Recon and Sleet Clan (February 2017)
    • Reason: Both groups declined



1st term: 7/23/15 - 12/19/15 (4 months, 26 days)

2nd term: 1/06/16 - present

Significant events (1st term):

  • AI war
  • Gallantry/CAT war
  • TCC war
  • TCD war
  • STRATUS war

Significant events (2nd term):

  • REDFOR vs. BLUFOR war
  • RSF war
  • TC/X-101st war


1st term: 12/19/15 - 01/06/16 (18 days)

Significant events:

  • REDFOR vs. BLUFOR war


Sentinels of Orion

Sentinels of Orion is OO's elite division. It is entered by passing a tryout or being allowed entry by a member of the division's Command.

Orion's Community Management

OO division that houses newspaper writers/community event organizers/developers/GFX artists. Assuming a position requires submitting an application, but regular community members just have to be OO members. Community members are allowed to come up with ideas for the group.


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  • Budgers and S28TheGreat both came from Skilled Force, where Budgers was the owner and joint-leader and S28 was the Third in Command.
  • OO was originally set to open on January 1, 2016, which was the secret meaning behind "010116".
  • Exterity is the former Supreme Commander and appointed leader of John's Cobras, a once famous superclan.
  • OO says that their members are "descendants" because they come from many different clans. These clans include Skilled Force, John's Cobras, Supreme Covert Forces and more.
  • One of OO's first allies was Alpha Authority, a clan with similar initials.
  • OO allies have included AA, RAT, Blood Pack, RAA, SC, JC, and the Redfor Coalition.
  • OO was founded in July of 2015.
  • OO held a post-victory ceremony after REDFOR won the REDFOR vs. BLUFOR war. This was a big event in OO history and the server was filled up with 50 people for it.
  • One of OO's biggest showcases of activity was in the TCC war rally, where they rallied 100 people.