Panda Express is a Chinese restaurant on ROBLOX which was founded in July 2015 (exact date unknown). It offers you a beautifully crafted restaurant paired with food made to make sure you have a great time at the restaurant. The employees work to the best of their ability each day to make sure their customers have a pleasant experience at the restaurant by making sure that they treat them with respect and serving them the food that they request!

Panda Express is owned by Straphos; being the Chairman, and Madyze; the Chairwoman. The holder of the group is currently Straphos.

Their Discord code is uxKWa5T.

Group Ranks[1]


Customers are the majority of the users in Panda Express. They come to the restaurant, and eat!

Noted Customer

Noted Customers are Customers who are an Allied Representative, a Former Panda Express MR/HR, or users who are well known in the community, such as MangoTheRedPanda (before she was a staff).


Trainees are fairly new employees who recently got hired. Trainees are still learning how to properly serve customers and deal with tough situations that arise, therefore they will have to attend a training to become an official employee. Trainees cannot work.

Junior Cashier

As a Junior Cashier, you are now an official employee. Junior Cashiers have a fairly well amount of experience with serving customers and dealing with tough situations that arise. They are still learning the basics of working for Panda Express.


Cashiers have a good amount of experience with serving customers and dealing with tough situations that arise. They sometimes help out the Junior Cashiers who are having trouble serving customers or dealing with tough situations that arise as well.

Senior Cashier

Senior Cashiers have an excellent amount of experience with serving customers and dealing with tough situations that arise. They know everything about serving customers, dealing with tough situations, and more. They sometimes help out Junior Cashiers and Cashiers who are having trouble serving customers or dealing with tough situations that arise as well. They worked very hard to achieve this rank and know all the basics.

Senior Cashiers are the highest rank of LRs. To achieve Interviewer, they are to work at the restaurant. When an MR/HR sees you dedicated, they will suggest you for Interviewer. You may NOT attend training to be an Interviewer.


Interviewers are fairly new to the MR Team. They mainly interview customers to become future employees, supervise the restaurant, answer questions or concerns, and deal with tough situations that arise. They are very helpful to the MR Team as they assist the staff with interviewing customers.


Supervisors attend sessions and watch over the staff to make sure they are performing their job correctly. They also supervise the restaurant to make sure everything is running smoothly and that no disturbances arise.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers communicate with the staff to discuss their performance and how they can improve the way they perform their job. They frequently answer questions or concerns, make sure the customers are receiving the best customer service, and solve problems quickly.


Managers lead the staff to meet the organizations expectations for productivity, quality, and goal accomplishment. The Managers are responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing the operations of the business. They manage staff by making sure everyone follows the rules and performs their job correctly.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Panda Express assist the HR Team by showing professionalism, making sure everything is running smoothly, supervising staff, and more. The Board of Directors is an essential to the HR Team as they train to perform many tasks. The Board of Directors come up with useful suggestions and assist the higher ranks with managing staff.

Head of Directors

The Head of Directors directs the staff with help from the Board of Directors. They help come up with useful suggestions and make business decisions that will help our community as much as possible. They also assist the higher ranks with managing staff and daily operations.

Chief Staff Officer

Information: Unknown

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officers manage the daily operations and supervise shifts to make sure our visitors receive the best customer service possible. They assist the Chief Executive Officer with managing staff and making business decisions that help our community as much as possible. They manage the daily operations by making sure everything is running smoothly and the way it should be.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officers deal with managing and helping out the Super Ranks with making business decisions that help our community as much as possible. They ensure that all the MR and HR Team are understanding of what to do and how to perform any tasks given. Chief Executive Officers are very important to the HR Team and also command many staff members. They have regular HR permissions and duties to perform as well.

Vice President

Assists the President in making sure that Panda Express is an overall succeeding and neat organization. Manages the staff team and helps create a positive environment for everyone about Panda Express. Supervises and manages the MR and HR Team and makes sure that all operations are going as planned.


The co-owner of the group. Oversees the whole staff team and makes sure all operations are running smoothly. The President is in-charge of many tasks and deals with the staff team. The President ensures that Panda Express is running smoothly and makes sure that everything is organized, and followed to plan.

Chairman & Chairwoman

Owners of Panda Express. Constructs the foundation of the group and makes sure that Panda Express is an overall successful group. Overseer of Panda Express, the Chairman and Chairwoman work together to construct a positive, and fun environment for everybody no matter who they are to be accepted into.

Frequently Asked Questions[2]

[Q]: How do I work here?

[A]: Attend one of our scheduled interview sessions or send an application to an Assistant Manager or higher.

[Q]: When are interviews being hosted?

[A]: Interviews are hosted daily at 11:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM EST, and 9:00 PM EST.

[Q]: I'm a Trainee, how do I get promoted?

[A]: You can get promoted to the next rank by attending a training session or working hard at the restaurant. You don't always get promoted at trainings since trainings aren't for promotions, they are to learn. It's up to your trainer whether you get promoted or not.

[Q]: When are trainings being hosted?

[A]: Trainings are hosted daily at 12:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM EST, and 10:00 PM EST.

[Q]: I'm a Senior Cashier, how do I get promoted to Interviewer?

[A]: You can get promoted to Interviewer by working hard at the restaurant, and filling out the Interviewer application when you're sent one.

[Q]: Why was I demoted?

[A]: There are many reasons to why you may have been demoted. You might have been demoted for breaking rules such as admin abuse, disrespect, inactivity, and more. If you would like more information regarding your demotion, feel free to contact whoever demoted you or another HR.

[Q]: I own a group, can our two groups ally?

[A]: Read over our alliance form located in the Handbook. If your group meets the requirements, send an ally request and the SR Team will review it as quickly as possible.

Places Connected to Panda Express™

The Resturant

The main place of the group, Panda Express V2, is where all users can interact with one another, and those with a role can act out their task(s).


  • Built by: Straphos & xxUtopia
  • Scripted by: FrankieTheDino & xxUtopia
  • Graphics by: JayRetrozz

Interview Center

The Interview Center is where all users go to fill out an application for a position to work at Panda Express™. There is a small chance of being accepted, and to do so you must meet a few requirements of the management group. As questions are answered, you may be kicked from the current game if you do not meet a requirement.

Interview Sessions

Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 5:00 PM EST
  • 8:00 PM EST

Interviewing Rules

  1. Grammar must be used at all times while being interviewed. You are required to use grammar so that employees and customers can fully understand what you are saying. Failing to use grammar throughout your interview will result in failure.
  2. You will be given 30 seconds to respond to each question so we don't think you are AFK and kick you from the server. If you take more than 30 seconds to respond to your interviewer, you will be kicked from the server. We want employees who are fast when it comes to serving customers and answering questions or concerns.
  3. You are expected to treat all employees and customers with respect at all times while waiting for an interview. Failing to show respect towards employees or customers will result in a kick from the server.
  4. If you end up failing your interview, please do not argue or cause drama with your interviewer. You can always fill out an application or attend another interview session!

Interviewing Procedure

  • Before the session begins, make sure everyone is seated and silent. Kick any Trainees through Senior Cashiers.
  • Once the scheduled session time has been reached, the host slocks the server and makes an announcement on the group shout that the server has been slocked.
  • The host will use the :m command to thank everyone for coming and announce that introductions will begin. (Order of staff introductions: Host > Co-Host > Remaining ranks from highest to lowest.)
  • Once all the staff have introduced themselves to the customers, the host will use the :sm command to go over the rules.
  • Once the rules have concluded, the host will use the :m command to announce that the interviewers will now begin interviewing.
  • Interviewers will randomly choose someone to interview in the lobby. After they have chosen someone to interview, they will go to their interview room and teleport the customer to them).
  • Interviewers will kick those who have failed from the server and rank those who have passed. If the interviewer is unable to rank their customer, they will message the host to promote them.
  • Once all of the customers have been interviewed, the host will shutdown the server and then shout on the group to announce that interviews have concluded.


  • Built & Developed by: Straphos
  • Game Icon & Thumbnail by: Straphos

Training Center

There is a Training Center for workers to show off and improve their skills. The management team can sometimes hand out promotions or demotions if they think you need one.

Training Sessions

Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

  • 3:00 PM EST
  • 6:00 PM EST
  • 9:00 PM EST

Training Rules

  1. Grammar must be used at all times while being trained. Failing to use grammar throughout your training will result in a demotion.
  2. Respect your trainer and other employees around you. Failing to show respect towards others will result in a demotion.
  3. If you fail your training, please do not argue or cause drama with your trainer. You can always attend another training session!

Training Stages

  1. Intros - Doesn't count for points.
  2. Trivia
  3. Serving
  4. Trolling
  5. Grammar Corrections

After all the stages have been completed, the management decide and tell your trainee whether they passed or failed that training session. If they failed, dismiss them and tell them to leave. If they passed, they tell them to head down back to the stage. Once they are at the stage, there will be a "ranker" located at the stage (Please decide your "ranker" before trainings begin). The ranker will have everyone seated, at this point, the ranker will rank players who passed, refresh them, and dismiss them to leave trainings. Staff should either be on top of the stage or in the back rooms.


  • Built by: Straphos
  • Developed by: xxUtopia


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Users have a confusion between who the Founder of Panda Express as players say Straphos, however, he says it is xxUtopia.
  • If viewed in the audit logs, Madyze was the first user in Panda Express to change anything, such as ranks, etc.
  • There is a Handbook[3] for Panda Express.
  • On the opening on V2, two ROBLOX Admins known as SilentBuddy and Legoseed came to Panda Express.

Reference List


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