Password Guessing, (PGing) also known in cryptography as Password Cracking (PCracking), is an action in which a user tries to use different password combinations to get into another user's account. This has a questionable effect, as most methods require that the victim is using a weak or common password such as "abc123", "password", "qwerty", the player's username , or a password named after something they like that is told on their profiles.

PGing has been a common practice in 2017, where players snipe accounts just for name snipes or to act that you are older on ROBLOX. When ROBLOX added the forum age limit on May 1, 2017, many people PGed accounts just to access the forum.

Please note that bruteforce programs can now guess more complex passwords, though Roblox added a Captcha pro which makes it harder for users to bruteforce. However, it's still strongly advised that you use capital letters and symbols in your password.

[1]. Abbreviating some phrase ("People live in glass houses" producing "pligh") also ensures protection from dictionary attacks (which is a form of bruteforcing and PGing).

Making it Secured

A password shouldn't have common numbers next to it. (i.e. pizza123, 1337DS, etc.) Try to have your password be something someone wouldn't expect to type as password guessers commonly try words/things and a simple number combo as listed above. Remember, however, try to make it easy to remember. You can also enable 2 Step Verification on your profile, which makes you enter a code whenever you log in. The code is sent to the email on your Roblox account. This makes it so no one can log into your account unless they have the code. Also you cannot make too easy or short passcodes and if you do it will not let you play any game on your account.


Within the past year or two, ROBLOX have been cracking down on accounts that appear to be stolen. For example, if an account logs on for the first time in 10 years and changes the password or email, ROBLOX will lock the user out of the account and revert the email address.

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