Password Guessing, also known in cryptography as Password Cracking, is an action in which a user tries to use different password combinations to get into another user's account. This has a questionable effect, as most methods require that the victim is using a weak or common password such as abc123, Password, the user's name, or qwerty.

PGing has been a common practice in 2017, where players snipe accounts just for namesnipes or to act that you are older on ROBLOX. When they added the forum age limit in May 1, 2017, many people were sniping accounts just to forum.


Please note: Password Guessing is against the rules and many people who manage to steal an account by Password Guessing are often banned. The following information is for the prevention of password cracking and general account safety.

Avoiding Common Passwords

The easiest way to get into another person's account is to guess from the top most used passwords. Various lists can be found quite easily, usually hitting only the top 1000 (most aren't ROBLOX appropriate). Keep in mind that any password on the top 1000 list can be cracked in a matter of seconds if done correctly.

Try to have a long, unique password; an easy trick is to use some weird, 3-4 word phrase. Abbreviating some phrase ("People live in glass houses" producing "pligh") also ensures protection from dictionary attacks.

Making it "random"

A password shouldn't have information about you, such as something you like or a thing you own and a common string of numbers (i.e. pizza123, 1337DS, etc.) Try to have your password be something someone wouldn't expect to type, as password guessers commonly try actual words/things and a simple number combo as listed above. Remember, however, try to make it easy to remember.


The risk of being attacked by password guessers varies on ROBLOX depending on the value of your account. Famous ROBLOXians have a higher risk of constant password cracking, and as such require strong passwords. However, it is recommended to use strong passwords for all your accounts across the internet. Password cracking is a constant security issue.

How To Protect Your Account

It is advised to change your password to a secure password, turn on extra protection (2 Step - Verifaction) and sign out of all devices if another person is using your account without permission. Moreover, do not share personal information to anyone and avoid suspicious websites/games (e.g. those that grant others "free robux").

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